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1% Club Exclusive: TTPQ #10 (Tweet, Thread, AI Prompt, Quote)

Supercharge Your Content With A Tweet Template, AI Prompt, And Book Quote

Hi everyone! Welcome to issue 10 of TTPQ. This is now a 1% Club exclusive! Enjoy the exclusivity! Every Saturday I’ll be sending out a quick, value-packed newsletter containing:

• Either a tweet or thread template (with examples)

• A content creation related AI prompt (to be used with ChatGPT)

• A thought provoking excerpt from a book I’m reading

These are all templates, meaning there will be certain spots where you’ll fill in ideas to make the content personal. Anywhere you see brackets {} you fill in your own idea.

How to best use this post:

  1. Steal the tweet template and make it your own. I challenge you to tweet using it this week.

  2. Use the AI prompt with ChatGPT (https://chat.openai.com/). Try it out yourself then experiment and add to the prompt.

  3. Truly digest the book quote. Reflect on how it can apply to your life.

I’m welcome to any and all feedback! Please reply, comment, or DM with any thoughts, criticisms, or suggestions.

Tweet Template

Here’s a great way to establish more authority in your niche. This tweet not only gives you authority, but also provides solutions and value to your audience. This also acts as a great segue to a newsletter link if you write a newsletter on top mistakes people in your niche make. Definitely check out the prompt below to easily write this tweet.

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