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5 Reasons Why Your Content Gets No Engagement

1% Better 6/15/23

5 Reasons Why Your Content Gets No Engagement

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Today at a Glance:

  • I go over the 6 reasons why you feel like your content is great, but still gets no engagement

  • Actionable steps for improving the visibility of your content

  • The AI prompts that helped me build this newsletter

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5 Reasons Why Your Content Gets No Engagement

It’s the number 1 complaint from content creators:

“I just hit post on this awesome tweet/thread/newsletter/video and nobody liked it. I spent HOURS on it. What am I doing wrong?”

It’s a maddening challenge that every single content creator ever has gone through.

Here are 6 reasons why this has happened to you and what you can do to fix it:

Selfish Content

Your audience likes content that provides value. When you produce content that is self serving and provides no value, your readers aren’t going to care.

What is value?

Value is content that educates, makes the reader laugh, or makes the reader think. If you content does none of these thing, they serve no value and make it way less likely your audience engages.

Now listen, not everyone use social media to build a brand. If you’re using Twitter just to have fun and write whatever thoughts come to your mind, go right ahead. Just know that if you don’t give something to your audience, they’re probably not going to care.

Not Built for Virality

It’s not enough to just give value to your audience, you also need to build the content for virality.

How do you build content for virality?

  1. Formatting

  2. Hook

  3. Emotion

Your content has to be formatted nicely. Look at any of my tweets or newsletters. Notice how I use a lot of line breaks.

This makes the content a lot more readable. Higher readability = higher chance they make it to the end.

The hook is the first line of your tweet/content. It needs to be the catchiest part of your content.

Mr. Beast is famous for his hooks. Watch any of his videos. Within the first 7 seconds you know what the entire video will be about from beginning to end.

If the reader gets hooked it, it’s more likely they’ll read to the end. The more readers that read to the end = the more likely they engage and share.

Emotion is critical for virality. If a piece of content ilicits an emotion, whether i’s good or bad, it’'ll make the reader want to engage. Under no circumstance can you be boring.

Not Building a Network

If you’re not building a network, you’ll have nobody to engage with your content anyway. I wrote a complete breakdown of building a network through Twitter last week through a strategic replying strategy.

If you’re not putting in an effort to build a network through engagement every single day, you’re lowering your odds of succeeding.

No Authority

Here’s an underrated issue not many people talk about. You need to have authority for people to take your content seriously.

What do I mean by that?

Authority is your trust level with your audience. For instance, if you write a thread on how to grow an audience, but only have 50 followers, you don’t have much authority. People won’t take this content seriously.

Another example: you create a Youtube video on how to make high quality videos, but you only have published a couple of videos and they’re all shot on an iPhone 6, you’re not going to have much authority.

Another example: you write a thread on making $100,000 a month off Notion templates when you don’t have a single Notion template published.

See what’s going on here?

You need to build your authority by writing about topics your audience can trust you on. What’s your expertise? write about that. If you don’t have an expertise, do research until you do.

Outside Your Niche or Branding

Lastly, you might begetting ignored because you’re creating content outside of your niche.

For instance, several months ago I replied to the US President’s thread with a little joke about being happy to review his threads in the future. (totally harmless and not political):

It was one of my worst performing tweets of the year. Maybe I’m not as funny as I thought I was, but also it was just very outside what I typically write about.

If your audience expects a certain type of content out of you, and you deliver something completely different, it might throw them off and make it hard for them to engage.

These were the 5 reasons your content might not be getting engagement. If there is anything you think I missed, feel free to reply to this email or DM me! Would love to hear your thoughts.

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