The Art of Discomfort

How to get out of any rut

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The Art of Discomfort

I have a confession: over the past year I’ve gotten comfortable. I’ve become complacent. I got stuck in my routine and slipped into autopilot.

2 tweets a day. Replies. Create content for my community.

That’s it. That was my routine for a year straight.

Growth slowed, enjoyment tapered, life passed by.

It hit me this past week that all of this was happening. I honestly didn’t even realize it for a second the past year.

Ever happen to you? You look back and think “man I really have been stuck in the same spot for a while.” Doesn’t it just give you a wave of anxiety the moment it hits you?

So it was time for a change. It was time to get radically uncomfortable. I decided to do something I’ve been incredibly scared of for a while now. I started a Youtube channel.

I don’t know what it is. I can do public speaking in front of thousands. I can live stream in front of crowds. I can go on TV. I’m scared shitless of recording videos. Always have been.

I decided the complacency had to end. I need to do something that got me radically uncomfortable. So I started my Youtube, uploaded all my old Apple Vision Pro videos, and filmed my first Youtube first video.

I felt unbelievably awkward. I’m very confident the video sucked but I don’t care. I needed to take that first step. Usually the first step is garbage, but that’s the price of admission for a better life.

The results (other than a boring video with 8 views)? A whole new motivation. A whole new creative challenge. Excitement to wake up every morning and work on something new.

I feel like I’m a day 1 content creator again and it’s fucking awesome.

Here’s a challenge for everyone this week: do something that makes you unbelievably uncomfortable. Completely outside your normal routine. Can be big or small, but has to be something that makes you cringe to think about.

Here’s a simple one: record a selfie video of you sharing your thoughts on a trending topic. Post it to X. That’s it. Simple. Will take no more than 2 minutes. It’ll get you out of your comfort zone and open up new pathways in your brain.

If you post this discomfort to X, tag me. I’ll do my best to watch it and reply.

Feel stuck in life? Complacent? Bored? Do 1 small thing that gets you uncomfortable. That’s it.

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Have a great weekend everyone!



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