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The Biggest Cheat Code in Content Creation

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The Biggest Cheat Code in Content Creation

Want to make your content creation process 100x easier?

Want to eliminate writer’s block?

Want to take the pressure of your shoulders and make content creation more fun?

The biggest cheat code in content creation is reusing and remixing old content.

It’s something you NEED to be doing.

Especially with long form content exploding right now, remixing old content can generate hundreds of new ideas for you.

I have a really simple system you can use.

The goal of this system is to take old content, then make it better, change details, and add more color

With long form posts being the meta, taking old posts and turning them into long form is one of the most powerful strategies you can deploy

Let’s take a look at 2 posts I did this with recently

Original post 1:

This post performed spectacularly well for me last year. Clearly this concept resonates with my audience.

So what did I do? I took it then remixed it into a long form post.

I added more details. I added more color. I added more actionable steps.

I took a proven concept I already had, then made it even better.

This is SIGNIFICANTLY easier to do than coming up with a brand new piece of content from scratch.

Here’s what the remixed post looks like (click for full post):

This post went on way longer than just the screenshot. I turned it into a full length long form post.

It went on to perform even BETTER than the original post.

It took significantly less work than writing a new post from scratch, and produced a result that was almost guaranteed to go viral because it used an already proven concept.

Here’s another post I went on to remix:

A post that again performed really well.

I went back, tweaked it, added more humor, added more examples, then put it out again:

Minimal amount of effort producing excellent results.

Now let me take care of some objections you might have.

But doesn’t reusing old content piss your audience off?

No it doesn’t. Any given piece of content you put out gets seen by about 25% of your audience max.

On top of that, the 25% of your audience that sees it then goes on to consume thousands of other pieces of content.

Also, you’re constantly gaining new followers.

The very few people that do remember you posting something similar will quickly get over their annoyance and scroll by.

O and also, it’s your content, you can do whatever the hell you want with it.

Here’s the key to the entire strategy: tracking all your past content.

You need to track what does and doesn’t work from your past content.

This allows you to take all the ideas and concepts that do work, and remix them into something better.

I use a spreadsheet to track this content. Here’s a template of that spreadsheet if you’d like (just make sure to make a copy of your own).

Go into that copy you make and start pasting in all your posts with all the data around it. Spend an hour getting in as many as you can.

Then go back, find which posts work, and find ways to remix them. Add details, humor, and more information.

If you’re ever feeling writer’s block, this spreadsheet should fix that.

Have any strategies of your own you use for remixing? Let me know by replying to this email!

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Have a great weekend everyone!

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