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How to Build a Life Changing Network on X

Simple step by step to explode your network

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  • Easy steps to take to build a more powerful network

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How to Build a Life Changing Network on X

It is quite literally impossible to be successful on the internet without a powerful network around you. Impossible.

The single reason I’ve been able to grown an audience of 200,000 the last 2 years is because of the network and relationships I built.

This isn’t rocket science. It’s actually quite simple. In this newsletter I’ll map out the exact steps you need to take to build a powerful network in half the time that I did.

We are going to start with your content then get into basic social tips you can use to build connections.

Your Content

Your content is the core to your networking strategy. When people discover you, your content is what’s going to keep them coming back to you.

How do you create content that ATTRACTS people to YOU? By making hyper personal, authentic content.

Content that makes people feel like they know you and want to be friends with you.

Content that shows your face. Content that is vulnerable. Content that is honest. Share your wins, share your losses, share your lessons, share your PERSONALITY.

If every piece of content includes one of those things, you’re going to win.

Look at my video I linked above. It’s all humor and personality. It has generated a ton of followers for me since I posted it this morning.

Before you hit post on ANYTHING, make sure you include at least one of those puzzle pieces above. Keep putting out those types of content enough, people will get invested in you and your story and want to keep returning.

Give Give Give Give Receive

Some people subscribe to give give give take. Some people subscribe to jab jab jab hook. I subscribe to give give give receive. There’s a subtle difference there.

With give give give receive you have faith that if you completely dedicate yourself to giving value to your audience, the universe will eventually return the value to you.

You don’t ask for it. You don’t force it. It’s naturally and authentically delivered to you.

This is a super simple strategy, because all you need to worry about is giving and that’s it. This isn’t 4D chess. This is checkers. Give enough value, it’ll eventually come back around multiplied.

Reply Guy

Reply guy is literally just another word for networking, and it’s the most powerful strategy in the book.

People love getting dopamine hits. They get dopamine hits from getting engagement on their content. You replying to their content gives them dopamine, which causes them to naturally be attracted to you.

The more you reply to people with value on their content, the more likely they will be to want to form some sort of relationship with you.

Reply Guy is an exercise you need to practice daily. Carve off 15 minutes a day. Make a list of accounts you want in your network. Accounts you aspire to be like. Hit them with replies every single day.


It is super important to be strategic with your DMs. You can’t just DM people ‘hi’.

Here’s how you send a DM that gets people to want to network with you:

Super specific compliments: “yo bro I love your content!” doesn’t work. People don’t want to be glazed. Your compliments and observations need to be SUPER specific.

Prove you read and digest their content. Prove you actually are a fan. Point out a piece of content they made that really had an impact on you and explain why it had an impact.

Introduce them to other people: build connections for people. If you can offer value by introducing them to others who could provide value for them, they’ll naturally want to network with you too. They’ll see you as a value adder, rather than taker.


Spaces are an INCREDIBLE way to network with new people. I’ve made some of my closest friends on X on Spaces.

Find a Space that is talking about a subject you’re interested in. Request to go on stage. Add value.

Everyone listening in the Space will naturally be attracted to you. Anyone you engage with or have a good conversation with, send them a DM afterwards.

This is by far one of the most powerful ways to build relationships on the internet.

The most underrated way: Live Streams

Live streams are by far the most underrated way to network on the internet. X makes it super easy to start up or join a live stream. When people watch your live streams, they feel like they are hanging out with you.

It forms a super powerful para-social relationship. There’s something about watching a live stream where you feel like you are becoming friends with the person.

If you’ve never hosted a live stream before, I couldn’t recommend it enough. I do it 2-3 times a week on my X.

This is an EXCELLENT way to lock in relationships you’ve built on other channels.

Join a community

Well this one is kinda a cheat code. If you join a community you have built in friends and people to network and build with.

I’m relaunching my community (The 1% Club) next week. Sign up here for the waitlist.


If you have any goals of building on the internet and growing a successful business, you need to focus most of your energy on networking. Period.

Your network will be the reason you win.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to build an audience without having a strong network of people around you to boost your voice.

Take these tips and put them into action TODAY.

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Questions or feedback? Feel free to reach out to me on X.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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