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What You Can Accomplish In a Year

NFT God Newsletter 11/17- Happy Thursday everyone! Impostor syndrome is something I get asked about a lot. I give a lot of advice on building a platform and people will regularly reply and ask if I’ve ever had impostor syndrome before. When creating content, it’s easy to doubt yourself and ask if you have anything truly unique or interesting to provide. Here’s the thing: EVERYONE has impostor syndrome. If you’ve ever started a new job it’s easy to think “what the hell am I going to be able to provide to this company? I don’t know what I’m doing.” Especially in 2022 where social media is king and we see the “best of” everyone’s lives, it’s easy to doubt yourself when compared to others. Here’s the dirty little secret about impostor syndrome though: once you realize literally everyone has it, it begins to disappear. Remember this next time you doubt yourself. Nobody is 100% confident in their path in life. Anyway, onto the alpha:


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Latest Twitter Thread:


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1% Better Every Day: What You Can Accomplish In a Year

In the next few weeks I’ll hit the one year anniversary of starting my NFT God account. In March 2021 I created the account, but in December 2021 I started seriously creating content. In the year since I’ve scaled my Twitter to almost 70k followers and my newsletter to 11k subscribers. A lot of people radically underestimate what they can do in a year by showing up every single day. My life motto is “1% better every day”. For me, 2022 has validated this motto. If you truly dedicate yourself to the art of improvement, you can accomplish so much more than you can imagine. What I want to run through this week is the 4 pillars I focused on to achieve this improvement. Think about these things as we get into 2023, and I promise you’ll enter 2024 completely unrecognizable.

  1. Be Cognizant of Your TimeIt’s unbelievable how a wasted second can turn into a wasted minute, then a wasted hour, then a wasted week without you even realizing. One focus I had this year more than any other year is trying to be hyper aware of how I spend every second of the day. If I caught myself doom scrolling on my couch I’d stop myself and try to remember the task at hand. I talked about this a few weeks ago, but every second of the day you’re either growing or decaying. Be aware of every second during the day and ask yourself at this moment in time am I growing or decaying?

  2. Less Thinking, More DoingIt’s so easy to get stuck in the planning phase. You sit there for days or weeks planning what your next project will be. What you want to work on. By the time you’re done planning and ready to take action you’re already bored. Cancel the planning phase. Just start doing. For me I decided to just start taking a Python programming course. That turned into a crypto scanning tool. Which introduced me to NFTs. Which got me into NFT content creation. Just take that first step. Action leads to more action. Thinking leads to distraction.

  3. Show Up Every DayThis year I really focused on just showing up every damn day. This could be sound exhausting for a lot of people. Who wants to work every single day of the year? Here’s the thing though: it only takes a few minutes to show up. If I didn’t want to go to the gym because I was too tired, I’d go for a 5 minute run. If I didn’t want to write my newsletter, I’d just force myself to write a paragraph. I just wanted to put in even a modicum amount of effort every single day. These couple of minutes of work every day gave me exponential returns.

  4. Be Honest With YourselfLastly, you need to be honest with yourself. If something isn’t working, you can’t lie to yourself and say it is working. If you start a Twitter account and only post memes and don’t gain any followers for months, maybe it’s time to reconsider your strategy. Show up every day, be consistent, but be honest with yourself when it’s time to pivot. And this doesn’t mean quit. This just simply means understand where you need to improve or change.

Write these 4 pillars down and just try to implement one of them in the next week. I promise your mindset will start to shift. It’s been an awesome year and I strongly believe these 4 pillars have changed my life. Would love to hear if you have any of your own systems you use to improve!

This Week's News:

🔥 FTX Fallout Continues

🔥 Nike Announces Dot Swoosh

🔥 Apes Take a Tumble


The dominos from the biggest crypto story of the year continue to fall, as this week it was announced BlockFi, another crypto platform that a tremendous amount of influencers and investors shilled, paused withdrawals and filed for bankruptcy. BlockFi is a US company that SBF bailed out months ago, presumably with his FTT ponzi coin. More dominos are surely to fall in the near future as SBF has 100+ crypto focused companies in his portfolio.

Many people in the crypto community are yelling that the solution is self custody. Here’s the issue though: if you care at all about mass adoption, self custody can’t be the only safe way to manage your money. At the moment self custody is just way too difficult. When it comes to finances the general public cares about 2 things exclusively: 1. ease of use and 2. money go up. That’s it. The general public does not want to spend 100 bucks on a thumbdrive to store crypto and then save a pass phrase on a post it note that they then have to take care of forever. They’d rather just trust a bank with their money. Centralization goes against everything crypto stands for, but at the moment centralization is the only usable way to invest in crypto for the masses.

What does this mean for us? We need to either A) make self custody as easy as pressing BUY on Coinbase or B) have regulation that prevents another FTX situation from happening. Government regulation is very anti decentralization, but the fact of the matter is if we can’t prevent more Mt. Goxs and FTXs from happening then the mainstream will never adopt crypto.


The largest apparel brand in the world announced this week the launch of Dot Swoosh, a digital platform that will house Nike’s Web 3 ecosystem. Dot Swoosh joins RTFKT as the two main arms of Nike’s metaverse. Dot Swoosh officially launches Friday with the first digital collections dropping in January. The platform will allow people to buy, sell, and flex virtual Nike products made by both the company and users. Royalties can also be earned on virtual products that are made by users and traded on the platform.

Nike has been without a doubt the best Web 2 native company to enter the space and create a compelling product. Compared to their competitors, Nike is absolutely dominating. Nike has generated 185 million dollars off NFTs (RTFKT) while Adidas has generated just $11 million and Puma $1.3 million. What Nike is building with Dot Swoosh will push the entire space forward for many reasons. First, it’ll be the first true creators economy. The average user will be able to co-create goods with Nike and actually have a revenue share with the company. This creators economy will put true value behind the goods themself. Second, this will be a huge boom for mainstream adoption. No company on the planet understands mainstream culture better than Nike. Millions of people pay absurd amounts of money for their sneakers and apparel. This will attract so many people that just want to collect more Nike products. On top of that, nowhere in this announcement did Nike use the term “NFT”. They’re taking the Reddit approach. Using terms the mainstream understands. As an avid sneakerhead and NFT collector, I can’t wait to see what Nike does with this new platform.


The NFT market continues to slide this week as most blue chips, more specifically Yuga assets continue to fall. BAYC made it as low as 49 ETH, while Mutants dipped to 10 ETH. Otherside land has also officially gone below a 1 ETH floor. This freefall is despite the fact that risk on assets have had a solid couple weeks, with the inflation numbers actually coming in better than expected.

There can be several things behind this dip, including the delay of APE coin staking and a lack of news around Otherside. End of the day the issue here is what most non-art projects are facing. PFP project value is just too difficult to maintain. If people aren’t in the project for the art, you’re going to need to sustain hype for the project indefinitely. You need constant news, announcements, teases, and just overall marketing. Yuga has failed to deliver on a constant stream of content, and because of that holders are becoming complacent. Projects like Cryptopunks require no hype or marketing. People are in it for the art/meaning.

We are at the beginning of what is looking like a pretty deep bear market. The average bear market since 1928 (the beginning of the S&P 500) has lasted 4.5 years. That means in order to make money right now, you need to be able to choose a project that will have more value 5 years from now. Before making any investment you need to ask yourself “why will this project be worth more in 5 years?”. It it’s a PFP project, they’ll need to be able to sustain a treasury and deliver value back to the holder for half a decade. That’s an incredibly tall task. Your only goal right now should be controlling your emotions and being able to recognize what is hype and what will have sustainable value for the long term.

Replies of the Week

Thank you so much to everyone who’s replied to my tweets or emailed me this week! Look forward to hearing from more of you soon! Take care and have an excellent weekend!

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