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  • You Can Now Get Rich Off Your Tweets. Thanks Elon!

You Can Now Get Rich Off Your Tweets. Thanks Elon!

People are about to get paid BIG. Here's how you play it...

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Today at a Glance:

  • How to make big money off content monetization.

  • A playbook for taking advantage of the new systems.

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The Twitter Growth Show is Live!

I just posted my first long form video on Twitter! The Twitter Growth show is a weekly show I record in the 1% Club that I’ll now be posting on Twitter every week as a video. I’m really excited about this show. Alongside Greg Lunt, we review your tweets and give you actionable tips on making your content 10x better! Really happy about how it turned out. Feel free to watch it and let me know any feedback you have! Click the image below to see the video.

You Can Now Get Rich Off Your Tweets. Thanks Elon!

Today Elon announced ad share revenue has started on Twitter. People are now going to get paid BIG based on how many impressions they’re getting on their tweets. The screenshots of cash rolling in has been shocking to say the least:


The question on everyone’s mind is: how do I get my bite of the multi million dollar apple?

First a few things of note:

  1. You need to have 5 million impressions a month for the past 3 months straight

  2. You need to have applied for the subscription button

  3. You need to not tweet about guns/drugs/or other explicit topics

That first one is a big barrier for most.

So how do you hit those thresholds as quickly as possible?

Easy. Take it slow.

Every account over for the coming months will now be hyper motivated to get views. What do most people do when they want to force views? They take the cheap way out.

They engagement farm.

They sh*tpost.

They put up thirst traps.

They bot.

They cheat.

Don’t fall for this.

All this means is quality will only stand out more.

This means all the value you give to your audience will only feel more valuable.

Monetization is only MORE of a reason to double down on quality.

Here’s my playbook over the next couple of months. Steal it:

  1. A long form tweet or thread 3-4 times a week. Long form tweets are easy to write. Seriously. You don’t need to write a novel. Just by writing an interesting tweet a little bit longer than the limit will get you more impressions. People like hitting that show more button.

  2. Experiment with video. Today I posted the first ever Twitter Growth Show. It’s my first foray into long for video content on Twitter. I believe the algorithm is going to be pushing video content hard. Experiment and learn the art.

  3. More replies. The more my profile gets seen on other people’s tweets, the more my tweets will start showing up on other people’s feeds. Which means more impressions. I’m going to work on building my network even further with more high quality, engaging, thoughtful replies to others.

  4. More Twitter Spaces. When you’re on stage of a Space and say interesting things, people click on your profile. When people click on your profile, you get more impressions. Go on Spaces and say valuable things.

  5. More DMs. DMs are your secret weapon. Network and build relationships through DMs. A bonus benefit to DMs is they also make it so you show up on your recipients feed more.

Don’t try to cheat the system. It’ll only hurt you more in the long run.

If you blend in with the 99% of your feed that will now resort to engagement farming, you’ll disappear into the crowd. Focus on quality. Focus on value.

Take the hard road. Experiment. Make quality content. Provide value.

What’s your plan for taking advantage of monetization moving forward? Let me know by replying to this email or commenting down below.

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