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How to Choose Your Niche (screw this up and you're done for)

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Today at a Glance:

  • When to niche down/up

  • How to choose your niche

  • How to dominate content/business with thoughtfully chosen niches.

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When To Niche Down

I get a lot of questions around niches. Should I niche down? Should I niche up and be a generalist? How do I even choose my niche?

The answer is complex but I’m about to make it dead simple for you.

This applies to EVERYTHING too, not just content. Also applies to software and business.

So when should you have a niche and when should you be a generalist? On day 1 you should niche down as much as you can. When you’re at 0 followers/customers/fans, you should be as tightly niched as possible. Let me give you an example:

When I started posting on X 2 years ago, I exclusively talked about one NFT project (Creepz).

It was the only thing I talked about. Every single post was about Creepz and that project. Updates, stats, interesting bits of news. That’s it.

I would go on Creepz Spaces. I would go into every Creepz voice chat in the Discord. I was the king of Creepz (kind of weird to say out loud but whatever.)

This helped me establish a really firm base of an audience.

As I grew, I slowly niched up. When I got to about 3,000 followers I started talking about NFTs more broadly.

When I got to 10,000 followers I started talking about crypto more broadly.

When I got to 20,000 followers I talked about entrepreneurship more broadly.

Now at 180,000 followers, I talk about literally anything on my mind. I’m a total generalist now. Since I have such a large platform, I can attract people from any audience. Every step of the way I find a new broader audience I can attract. Then when I attract them, I go even broader.

It’s critical though that when I niche up, my content is still relevant for previous audiences.

This allows be to keep the current audience I have without alienating them. I keep my audience and grow further.

Let’s use another example: Amazon.

When Amazon started, they aimed to disrupt only 1 niche vertical: books. After completely dominating books, they slowly broadened.

They added CD’s and software. Then once they dominated those industries, they added more.

Now they are a generalist powerhouse. Anything you want to buy you can find on Amazon.

THIS is how you build an audience. THIS is how you dominate social media/content/business.

So how do you choose your first micro-niche? Find one small thing you’re insanely passionate about. Find one small thing you can be the loudest 1% in. Find one thing that has a hardcore community around it you can totally disrupt.

Whether that’s Salsa dancing, Kanye West, fingernail art. Whatever. Dominate that community.

Once you got a foot hold, start getting slightly more broad.

If you’re a Lil Uzi Vert micro niche, slowly niche up to Hip Hop. Then music. Then entertainment. Then everything.

With enough consistency and effort, you can be a trusted voice in any vertical you choose.

I’m curious, what stage of growth are you in and what is your niche? Feel free to reply back with any questions you have!

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