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Daily Habits You Need to Implement in 2023

1% Better 12/22/22

Happy Thursday, Everyone! I hope everyone is getting ready for a nice relaxing holiday break! I love using this slowed-down week to reflect on the past year and everything that’s changed. It’s incredible how dramatically your life can change in just a year. Taking some time in the last week to look back and be grateful for what you’ve accomplished, reflect on the lessons learned, and let go of anything you might be grasping onto can be a really powerful routine before you turn the page on a new year. I always find writing these reflections down has a way of opening up your mind way more. The best part is you can go back and re-read these lessons later.

I’ll write more on end-of-year reflections next week and give you some prompts to help you out. If you have any questions or prompts you use to reflect on your year, feel free to reply! I would love to hear your thoughts and incorporate them in my next newsletter. Wishing you and your families the best going into 2023. Thank you all for your incredible support this year.

Anyway, onto the alpha…


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Latest Twitter Thread:

Daily Habits You Need to Implement in 2023

I put out a tweet a few days ago about the daily habits I live by, and the response I got was wonderful. The comment section to that tweet is basically the single greatest database of daily habits ever created on the internet. So I decided to do a couple of things. First, I compiled them all into a public Google Sheet you can check out here. There were hundreds of responses, so I grouped them by some general themes. Second, I decided to dedicate this week’s newsletter to some daily habits I live by personally. Hopefully, between the tweet, the spreadsheet, and this column, you can pick up a few exciting habits that can make a huge impact on your life in 2023!

My daily habits I swear by:

Morning Habits

Journaling (and coffee if that tickles your fancy): This is the first thing I do every morning. There are a lot of reasons behind this. Mostly, I find it gets my creative juices flowing immediately. Any day I start with journaling, I find I can come up with ideas, content, and overall output a lot easier. Writing down all your thoughts might feel weird and awkward if you’re new to journaling. I always recommend starting with some prompts. A few easy prompts I always recommend starting with are three things you’re grateful for, three things you want to accomplish that day, and three things you’re excited about in the future. As you go on, you’ll get more comfortable and eventually be able to free-write for pages on end. Once you get to that point, you’ll genuinely start opening up pieces of your mind that were previously unreachable.

Meditation: This one is challenging for me, but something I still attempt in my own way. I’ve tried the apps like Headspace before, and they just weren’t for me. Maybe my mind is just too busy? On a road trip one time I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts- The Tim Ferris Show, and he was interviewing Tony Robbins. Tony Robbins had the same issue, he hated meditating. But he had his own routine that I stole and now love. Here’s how it goes: sit on your couch and close your eyes for 9 minutes. First 3 minutes, just think about things you’re grateful for. Second 3 minutes, feel the power of the universe run through you. Third 3 minutes, visualize what your life would be like if you accomplished all of your goals. This routine has been an incredible meditation alternative for me.

No phone first 30 minutes of the day: I talk about this habit a ton because I genuinely believe it’s hyper-critical to my mental health. When you look at your phone first thing in the morning, you put your brain into a dopamine-seeking mode. You remain in that mode all day, leaving you tired and anxious. Don’t look at your phone until you’ve completed the last two habits I listed.

Afternoon Habits

Creativity Walk (I like to call this a tweet walk): My afternoon walk is everything to me. Without these walks, I don’t know if NFT God is half as successful. 95% of my content ideas come from walking around New York City with my headphones in and observing everything around me. Most people will tell you to do this without a phone but honestly, listening to music on this walk is therapy to me. Also, I have my Notion app open, and I type down every single creative idea that comes to my head in it. For some reason, I come up with 10x more creative ideas on this half-hour walk than I do sitting at my desk for 8 hours. Something about walking just gets your creative brain juices flowing.

Evening Habits

Reflection: Basically journaling part 2. I write down all of my thoughts on the day. This helps me let go of everything that might be stuck in the confines of my mind. If you’re new to journaling, some good prompts here might be “what did I accomplish today?” “What was my biggest win?” “What do I want to accomplish tomorrow?”. At the very least, just write down your one biggest win. It takes no more than 15 seconds, and it can be so satisfying to go back and read pages and pages of your victories.

30 minutes Reading Before Bed: This is like melatonin to me. By the time I’ve reflected and started reading, my brain is completely empty. The key to nighttime reading is making this a fiction book. Something where you don’t have to remember every detail of what you read. I save all my non-fiction self-improvement books for the daytime when I can take notes. A fiction book late at night has a way of making you completely forget about everything that happened 16 hours earlier. The hamster wheel slows and usually by minute 2 of reading, I’m lights out.

These 6 are the pillars of my day and keep me an incredibly grounded week to week. If you didn’t get a chance to reply to the original tweet, I’d love to hear from you over email! Between the tweet, spreadsheet, and this newsletter, I hope you walk away with 1 new habit you can implement in your new year. The smallest habits seem to have the most significant impacts.

1% Club Content Coming This Week:

The 1% Club private Discord is officially opening up Tuesday, December 27th! This will be the home base for everything growth mindset. It’s going to be a blast interacting with all of you every day. I have a lot of exciting things planned I’ll get into soon. Weekly calls, sub-communities, genius talks. I honestly can’t wait to get started!

Exclusive 1% Club Content: The Anatomy of a Killer Thread. This week I’m putting out my step-by-step guide on creating a great thread that attracts attention on Twitter. I’ve built a large part of my audience because of the success of my threads. In this exclusive piece of content, I’ll give you some thread pointers you’ll be able to implement immediately.

Replies of the Week

Thank you so much to everyone who’s replied to my tweets or emailed me this week! Look forward to hearing from more of you soon! Take care and have an excellent weekend!

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