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Degen Toonz is the Ultimate NFT Underdog Story

I’ve always said the hardest thing to do in NFT’s is to recover your project from under .1 ETH. Usually when a project hits this level FUD starts to spread in the Discord, the community falls apart, volume dries up, and the creators start getting quieter and quieter. It’s beyond important to build your brand premint, get momentum FAST, and do everything to keep that momentum going after you mint out. That loss of momentum has killed countless projects over and over, and the solution to that loss of momentum has been impossible to find up to this point. Degen Toonz after rising from .08 to clear over 1.5 eth might have just written the blueprint on this kind of impossible comeback. What I want to do here is walk you through the exact steps project leaders took to accomplish this so you know what to look for when researching the next Degen Toonz.

Degen Toonz minted out on February 15th 2022 to little fanfare. The project consists of pastel vintage 90’s cartoon style PFP’s with tons of unique traits being placed on colorful felines. The noise wasn’t massive, but they built a core group of community members who held strong. As I’ve talked about before, just having diamond hand holders isn’t enough, the other equally important side of the equation is driving demand. It’s at this point in a launch where weaker communities start begging their creators to start driving demand by promising utility that’s typically built on ponzinomics. Whether that’s an ERC-20 that has 0 utility or free airdrops that only dilute the brand. Project creators Bader Asad and Prince Lail instead focused completely on guerrilla warfare. They built a community that was on Twitter Spaces 24/7, made noise in every thread, and harbored relationships in Discord day in and day out.

This kind of guerrilla warfare is what’s absolutely key to building a community. If you build a community on the promises of free money, you’ll build a community filled with greedy holders who are only there to make a buck. If you build a community on relationships, making noise, and just having fun, you’ll build a strong base that can withstand dips and even bear markets. We are in the middle of the biggest bear market in NFT history and this project is still finding brand new highs.

So how do you leverage guerrilla warfare to build a community? Here is the blueprint Degen Toonz built out. Creator engagement first and foremost. Community building comes from the top down. Having leadership in the Discord day and night, creating memes, banging the drum on Twitter. Leading by example is a sure fire way of getting the community stirred up. From there holders start changing their PFP’s on Twitter. This is a highly underrated aspect of guerrilla warfare. Having holders rep your brand across social media is literally free advertising. Especially if you have good, eye catching art. People will notice these PFP’s and start to do research on your project. Next you need to start creating EVANGELISTS. This is absolutely critical and this is what’s going to create the emotion and FOMO needed to drive demand. Evangelists get created a few ways. You gotta have your own project language. This is from inside jokes, memes, and a consistent humor that builds a powerful culture. This will drive community members to bombard Twitter spaces, flood threads, and get into other Discords waving your flag.

These are all things that the Degen Toonz leaders and community members have nailed. This kind of slow burn culture building approach has taken their value from under .1 ETH to well over 1 ETH, an almost impossible feat for modern day projects. ESPECIALLY in this kind of bear market. There’s been no free air drops, no ponzinomics, no missed deliverables and false promises. Just pure guerrilla warfare. Project leaders, take note.

This article wasn’t written to shill you this project. This was simply to show you what to look for when researching projects. Degen Toonz has had an insane pump, so definitely think long and hard about when to buy. The point I’m trying to make here is look for these factors when looking into projects. Get into Discords in into communities and see if they have these factors. This is the kind of research you need to do to be a successful NFT investor.

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