Don't Be F**king Boring

Your content is boring. Here's how to fix it.

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Don’t Be F**king Boring

We have a big issue on social media right now.

Content overall has turned horrendously boring.

What’s happened?

A year ago we were in a bull market. People were making money left and right on stocks, crypto, and NFTs.

Euphoria was at all time highs and the meta was memes and shitposting.

Then we entered a bear market and the energy shifted.

The meta (meta means what’s popular at the moment) went from pure euphoria content to “advice” content.

Accounts that were posting memes turned their cartoon zoo animal PFP into a monochrome headshot and became a “personal branding” account.

They went on to post some of the most snooze inducing boring content you’ve ever read.

“Here’s 10 ways to learn information: 1. Read books. 2. Go to college. 3. Listen to podcasts…”


For the record: there’s absolutely nothing wrong with changing your voice. If your interests and passions shift, you can shift your voice with it. It’s your social media, you have the freedom to talk about whatever you want.

Here’s the challenge though: the entire timeline is now personal branding and self help content. While writing about these topics a year ago put you far ahead of the competition, you are now blending into the competition once again.

How do you separate yourself from all the other accounts on your feed? How do you stand out in a sea of self help tips?

You do what your competition isn’t doing: be not f**king boring.

While 99% of content on your feed sounds like it came from a motivational quote machine, you now have the opportunity to give the same information, but do it in a funny, entertaining, bold, polarizing way.

As the Bible/J. Cole once said: “there’s nothing new under the sun”.

There’s no piece of advice you can give that hasn’t been given before.

The only way to make your content truly unique is to be personal. Is to be you. Is to be exciting.

How do you do that?


You have to be bold. You have to say things that make people uncomfortable. “If you want to grow on X, make sure you network more!” is not bold. It might be true, but it’s boring. Nobody likes boring.

“If you’re not replying to other accounts 100 times a day, your account is going to die. You’re not being seen. Your tweets will never be noticed” is the exact same tweet, but said in a bold way.

You said literally the same message, but said it in a way that captures attention.

In an age where your entire feed is giving you engagement tips, you need to stand out with BOLDNESS.


You know what’s the one thing other people can’t steal from you? Your own life experiences.

If your content includes your own life experiences, you’ll always be unique and stand out from the crowd.

“Mental health is important! Always make sure you take breaks”


“Always put yourself first.

Back in January I wasn’t in a good spot mentally.

I got hacked and lost everything

Without putting myself first, I would have had a total breakdown”

Isn’t tweet number 2 way more interesting? Nobody can emulate that 2nd tweet.

Want your content to stand out? You need to get vulnerable. You need to put yourself out there.

Your competition is deathly afraid of putting themselves out there.

Challenge for you: in this next week create a piece of content that includes a personal story or character flaw.


You can’t succeed in content or really anywhere in life without pissing some people off.

It’s just a fact.

Not everyone is going to love you. If everyone loves you, your content is probably boring.

You can’t be afraid to share even your harshest opinions. Polarizing opinions get noticed in social media.

Now this doesn’t mean you need to say things to purposely piss people off. I’m not saying that at all.

I’m saying you can’t be afraid to speak your mind, even if your opinion won’t be welcomed by some people.

For instance: I talk all the time about how I’m tired of NFT projects built on ponzinomics. It pisses a lot of people off, but I still share it.

Your fans will love you more, and your haters don’t matter anyway.


Simple exercise for you. Look at your last few pieces of content. Then look at your last few text messages to your best friend.

Do they sound different? If one sound robotic and the other sounds lively and interesting, you’re doing it wrong.

Work to make them sound similar. People don’t like to take advice from robots. People like people.

There’s nothing wrong with being a personal branding account or an advice account or a self help account.

My personal niche is a mix of those and more.

There’s something very wrong with being boring. People don’t like boring. It turns them off immediately.

Number one rule in content: don’t be f**king boring.

Any tips you’d give on adding spice to your content? Let me know below or hit reply!

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