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Forget every piece of advice given to you by content gurus

There's only one thing you should be focusing on

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  • Why all the advice given to you on finding your ‘niche’ is wrong

  • The one thing you should be focusing on when creating content

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Very exciting announcement: I have launched my Youtube channel! I’ll be using this as a creative outlet to create short and long form video about tech, content creation, and entrepreneurship.

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Here is my first video:

Forget every piece of advice given to you by content gurus

Fuck niches. Let me explain:

This week was the most successful week of my X career. I got more impressions this week than in any 1 month period before. Check out these insane numbers:

Why did I have so much success? I decided to start recording and posting comedic videos on my profile.

Never have done these before. But I bought the Apple Vision Pro last week and I figured I’d start making some content with it.

This type of content is completely outside my ‘niche’. Before this week I only made posts about improving your content and entrepreneurship. I’ve never strayed into video or comedy before.

Didn’t matter, every video I posted took off including 2 videos that did 16 million impressions and 11 million impressions.

Mind blowing. Funny enough, these impressions will probably pay off the Vision Pro by itself.


Your niche doesn’t matter. Your personal brand doesn’t matter. The only thing in the world that counts is you create content from your heart that’s a reflection of who you are and your passions.

I created this Apple Vision Pro content purely because I have a passion for comedy and tech. And while neither of these were in my niche, I said fuck it I’m recording it anyway.

People didn’t care it was outside my niche. They just loved that it was content authentic to me.

What does this mean for you?

If you’re creating content because you feel it’s your ‘niche’ or you feel it’s the type of content that’s working right now or you’re doing it because you’re emulating other people’s strategies, you are 100% bound to fail.

People will figure out the content is not authentic to you. They will feel it as they consume it. They’ll know you’re not being your true self and it won’t perform.

People STRIVE for authenticity. Everyone has an innate ability to detect it. If you’re a ‘growth guru’ because you see Justin Welsh doing it or a ‘mindset guru’ because you see Dan Koe doing it or a ‘business guru’ because you see Alex Hormozi doing it, you’re guaranteed to fail.

People will read your content and know you’re a phony.

You need to be honest with yourself. You need to reflect. You need to truly think about where your passions lie. Where are your skillsets. If you have no passions or skillsets then fucking find some. You have the internet. Skillsets and passions have never been easier to find.

Exercise I do all the time:

Brain dump into a notepad every single little thing you’re interested in.

Find intersections in all of those things. Create content about those intersections.

Challenge to you this week: do that brain dump and create one piece of content, even if it’s just a tweet, that is outside your ‘niche’. That’s just purely from the heart.

My bet is it performs better than 90% of your other content.

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