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My Formula for Viral Twitter Posts

Growth hacks for tweets and threads

Happy Thursday everyone! Looking to challenge yourself creatively and keep your content fresh and interesting? I’ve been challenging myself this week to make my content a lot more personal.

Writing online for years can at points get stale if you don’t push yourself to try new things. For me, adding a healthy dose of past experiences and personality has made writing a lot more interesting again. It’s also deepening my connection with the reader big time.

Yesterday I decided to write a long form post on Twitter on my recent battle with burnout. I thought the results were amazing. It was incredibly fun to write, and it seems my audience feels closer to me.

Challenge to you this week: create a piece of content that’s a little more personal. If it doesn’t feel therapeutic hit me with an email, let’s talk about it.

Anyway, let’s get into it…


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Content Competition Winner

The content competition returned this week! As a reminder, to enter the content, post any type of content you want on Twitter and hashtag it #1percentbetter and tag me @nft_god. The winner gets featured in this newsletter (24,600 subscribers) and receives a 1% Club Rewards NFT.

This week’s winner is CryptoTots! Tots wrote the excellent long form tweet below. Long form tweets are a brand new art form and I think Tots really did some interesting things when it came to formatting and structure. Definitely show his tweet some love!

Referral Contest

Refer others to this newsletter, win a valuable NFT

During the month of May I’m holding a referral contest with a couple cool rewards! With the content competition back in action I want to bring as many people into the contest as possible.

Top 3 referrers will all receive an NFT from the Seize the Memes by Punk 6529 collection!

2 ways to gain points:

Worth 1 point: Each referral you get using the link below. Feel free to tweet out this link and share it with your friends. Referrals will automatically be tracked to your email address.

Worth 10 points: Join the 1% club/ refer others to the 1% Club. If you join the 1% Club you automatically get 10 points. From there, for every person you refer you get another 10 points. Have them email/ping me in the Discord with your email address so I can reward the points correctly.

Not only do you get boosted in the contest, but you also get the bonus TTPQ newsletter every Saturday plus access to our content creator/builders community.

If you are looking to build an audience, improve your content, and find new streams of revenue, definitely join us in the club!

My Formula for Viral Twitter Posts

Today I’m going to show you my formulas for building viral tweets, threads, and long form posts.

Twitter is the best social media site to build an audience on. I truly believe this for one reason only: leverage.

There’s no other platform where you can spend 45 seconds writing up a thought, press post, then have millions of people discover your content.

Twitter allows you to quickly iterate and fail fast.

I’ve been iterating for 18 months now on Twitter and have built a sizable audience of 117,000. Let’s get into how I’ve built viral content:

Viral Tweets

Let’s break down this tweet:

4 parts to a viral tweet:

  1. Readability

  2. Powerful hook

  3. Personal body

  4. Emotional closer

The first part is readability. If a tweet isn’t instantly readable, people will scroll by.

Notice in my tweet above how I put whitespace between each thought. It prevents the tweet from being a text block, which most people will scroll past.

Also notice how concise the tweet is. Try to delete as many words from the tweet as possible before hitting post. The simpler the tweet is, the more readable it becomes.

Next is the powerful hook. The first line of the tweet needs to rope the user in. If the first line doesn’t make the reader curious, they’re going to keep scrolling.

A powerful hook needs to be relatable and catch the attention of your reader. Always put yourself in the shoes of your reader and ask why they’d care.

In my hook above, I presented a relatable scenario (nobody caring about your content) that is a challenge most of my readers are trying to solve. This will make them curious enough to keep reading.

Next is the personal body. The best content in the world is personal and stems from past experience. You presented the point of your tweet in your hook, now you have to back up your point with personal experience.

The point of my tweet was providing encouragement around not getting enough attention on social media. I showed this is a challenge I face too by talking about my past experiences creating content.

The personal stories created some emotional connection with my reader and made the content even more relatable.

Last is the emotional closer. This last line determines if the reader will engage or not. Leave them with a boring closing, and there’s no shot they engage. Leave them with a powerful gut punch, and they’ll surely leave you a reply.

I prefer my closers to be a solution to the challenge presented in the first line. It needs to offer a sense of closure to the challenge you presented.

Give this formula a try on your next tweet!

Viral Threads

4 parts to a viral thread:

  1. Hook

  2. Formatting

  3. Closer

  4. CTA

The hook is everything with the thread. Your goal is to get the user to click ‘view thread’. The only way they do this is if your opening tweet is POWERFUL.

A great hook smacks the reader in the face with either a challenge or opportunity, twists the knife with a supporting point, then teases the solution you will provide in the thread.

In my hook above I present the opportunity of content monetization, twist the knife with how much money content creators can make, then tease the solution I’m going to provide.

The formatting is critical in threads. Just like tweets, they need to be ultra readable. I use whitespace, lists, bullet points, and emoji markers to keep the text pleasant on the eyes.

If you include even one tweet in the thread that isn’t readable, the reader will probably exit out of the thread and keep scrolling.

I also love to make my threads actionable. So often I’ll put in tweets with lists of action items. Readers love action items.

The closer is what will leave the reader with long term emotion. I always have a final tweet (before my CTA) that reiterates my point in a powerful way. It’s similar to my hook, but is fully focused on the importance of the challenge or opportunity at hand.

Lastly is your CTA. The CTA is where you make an ask to your reader. Usually in threads you provide a ton of value, so you earn the right to make an ask.

Most people ask for a like and a RT. You should definitely do this if you have no other platforms or products you want to promote.

For me, I built my newsletter to 24,000 off of promoting my newsletter at the end of threads. If you’re building a newsletter as well, I’d highly recommend doing the same.

Viral Long Form Tweets

This is a new format I’m playing around with. With Elon increasing the character limit of tweets, you can now basically post blogs on your feed. On top of that, Elon put an interesting tidbit out today about the algorithm:

This means the longer a user is looking at your tweet, the more the content gets boosted. So if a user reads an entire long form tweet, they are spending a lot of time boosting your content.

I’d highly recommend experimenting with long-form tweets like the one I posted above.

When it comes to long form tweets, hook and formatting are everything. You want the hook to be powerful so that the reader wants to click “Show More”. All the rules from the thread hook apply.

As for the formatting, I’d definitely take advantage of bolding and whitespace. Whitespace will make the tweet readable, and bolding will break up ideas in the tweet. They’ll act as chapters in a way, and stress specific points.

These were my formulas for creating carious types of Twitter content. I really hope this was helpful. Would love to hear your formulas too! Feel free to comment below or reply to this email with any rules you use. Would love to hear from you.

AI Prompts I Used For This Newsletter

Begin Prompt

1. Full text of essay:

{my essay from above surrounded by quotation marks}

2. Main theme or message:

A simple formula for writing viral tweets, threads, and long form posts. Anyone can take these formulas and write viral content of their own.

3. Specific areas or sections for improvement:

Please focus on the introduction. Also simplify the languaging in the body.

4. Target audience and their level of understanding:

Content creators and solopreneurs who are looking to build their audience on Twitter and improve their quality of content

5. Desired word count or reduction in word count:

The current essay is 1000 words. Please reduce it to 800 words without losing crucial information

End Prompt

I hope this guide and prompts were helpful for you! If you use the prompt feel free to email or DM me, would love to hear your experience with it. Take care and have an excellent weekend!

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