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FREE PREVIEW: TTPQ #18 (Tweet, Thread, AI Prompt, Quote)

Supercharge Your Content With A Tweet Template, AI Prompt, And Book Quote

Hi everyone! Welcome to issue 18 of TTPQ. This is a free preview of TTPQ. Every Saturday I send out this value-packed newsletter to the 1% Club containing:

• Either a tweet or thread template (with examples)

• A content creation related AI prompt (to be used with ChatGPT)

• A thought provoking excerpt from a book I’m reading

These are all templates, meaning there will be certain spots where you’ll fill in ideas to make the content personal. Anywhere you see brackets {} you fill in your own idea.

If you are interested in receiving this newsletter every Saturday, feel free to sign up for the 1% Club below. You also get access to the biggest community of builders and creators on the web.

How to best use this post:

  1. Steal the tweet template and make it your own. I challenge you to tweet using it this week.

  2. Use the AI prompt with ChatGPT (https://chat.openai.com/) Try it out yourself then experiment and add to the prompt.

  3. Truly digest the book quote. Reflect on how it can apply to your life.

I’m welcome to any and all feedback! Please reply, comment, or DM with any thoughts, criticisms, or suggestions.

Tweet Template

People love tweets with solutions to their problems. This tweet builds your authority in your niche, gives solutions to problems, and makes you a more trustworthy figure in your space. The bullet points also make your tweet way more consumable.

Struggling to {your niche}?

Simple solutions:

• No {Distraction 1}• No {Distraction 2}• No {Distraction 3}

Focus on {Solution}. That’s it.

Tweet Example:

Struggling to build an audience?

Simple solutions:

• No doom scrolling• No engagement farming• No being toxic

Focus on giving value. That’s it.

AI Prompt

Want to provide value to your reader? You have to know your reader first. Every major company does a user persona study. Before making solutions, they first do a deep dive into who their ideal customer is.

This AI prompt will build a user persona study for you. Fill out the persona description then run the prompt. Use the results of this prompt to dictate your content.

Address their problems, dreams, aspirations, and challenges in your content. Ever hit a writer’s block? Just check out this chart and brainstorm ideas.


You are a marketing researcher.

Your task is to generate a detailed USER PERSONA for a {PERSONA DESCRIPTION}

Structure your response in 3 separate tables.

Here is the required format for each table:


2 columns and 7 rows

Column 1 = Data points (Name, Age, Occupation, Annual income, Marital status, Family situation, Location)

Column 2 = Answers for each data point in Column 1 based on the specific user persona.


2 columns and 9 rows

Column 1 = Data points (Personal characteristics, Hobbies, Interests, Personal aspirations, Professional goals, Pains, Main challenges, Needs, Dreams)

Column 2 = Answers for each data point in Column 1 based on the specific user persona.


2 columns and 8 rows

Column 1 = Data points (Budget, Shopping frequency, Preferred channels, Online behavior, Search terms, Preferred brands, Triggers, Barriers)

Column 2 = Answers for each data point in Column 1 based on the specific user persona.

Please make sure that your response is structured in 3 separate tables and has a separate row for each data point. Do not provide bullet points.

Example output:

Book Quote

Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill

Every difficult situation you’re faced with presents you a choice.

React like an asshole and get asshole results.

React with a calm stoicism, and get the results you choose.

When your engagement is down, or your growth is slowed you can choose to get pissed and blame others or act with desperation.

Or you can work harder to improve your content and make it more authentic.

One leads to destruction and the other leads to growth.

Up to you.

Have a great weekend and talk soon everyone!


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