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How I gained 20k followers in the last month

5 tips that completely changed the way I create content

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How I gained 20k followers in the last month

These last 2 weeks have been the most transformative of my life:

  • 20,000+ new followers

  • 3 interactions with Elon Musk

  • By far best engagement I’ve ever gotten (100,000+ impressions on every single post)

  • More business opportunities than ever before

I’ve spent the last week reflecting on this hyper growth in order to determine what was behind it. I’ve boiled them down to 5 main reasons:


I have a background in coding. Apparently, not many people on X can code. Even rarer than being able to code, I’m able to take technical concepts and communicate them in a way that’s understandable to a broad audience.

This is my hyper unique skill. Every time I use this skill in content, it seems to go viral.

You need to find your unique skill. You need to find what makes you different from the million other personal branding and AI influencer accounts on X.

If you don’t have any unique skills, then find them. Unless you’re Michael Jordan, you’re not born with unique skills. You need to acquire them. In the age of the internet, skills have never been cheaper or easier to learn.

Looking for somewhere to start? Learn Javascript on Code Academy. It’s free and easy.


A big reason for my success these last 2 weeks has been my ability to be myself. To have a voice that comes from an authentic place.

I’m not just talking about code. I’m talking about it with my own unique perspectives, opinions, and experiences that I’ve been through.

This is the toughest one for most people. 99% of X is the same boring personal branding content.

People telling you how to build a personal brand as their personal brand.

It’s easy to do because so many other people are doing it, so you can just take concepts they’re talking about and reuse them.

It feels like a cheat code, but it doesn’t work. People can detect authenticity.

If they feel like you’re just copying the same platitudes from other accounts, they’re not going to be interested.

You need to be yourself. You need to be authentic. You need to tell authentic, personal stories about yourself.

Do this exercise: brain dump for half an hour transformative stories from your past. Turn them into content.


Another major problem for most. They focus so much on giving value, and so little on making it interesting.

You have to be interesting. You have to sprinkle in personality. I go out of my way to do this as much as possible.

Here’s an example from my latest thread. I wrote about how to use X Pro. I finished the thread with a joke about the Madden video game:

There’s nothing wrong with sprinkling in a little humor every now and then.


How did I decide to go after this new niche of mine? I reviewed all my past content and looked for what worked.

I realized that every time I talked about technical concepts in a simple way, the content performed really well.

I’ve been writing about coding for years now on and off. Looking back, every time I wrote about it, the content slapped.

So I doubled down. I carved out a 30 minute brain dump session and wrote down every idea I could come up with on coding content.

The very first piece of content I created from this brain dump session went hyper viral and got an Elon reply.

I haven’t looked back since.

Constantly review your old content and be honest with yourself on what does and doesn’t work.


This is a big one most people don’t think about.

You need to understand your platform. You need to understand the culture of where you’re creating.

X is a lot different than Instagram for instance. On Instagram you can have sponsored posts and advertise products. Everyone on Instagram is somehow sponsored by Athletic Greens.

When you go on Instagram, you expect to get marketed to. On X it’s different. You expect to have conversations with human beings.

So over the past couple weeks I stopped any kind of marketing. I stopped advertising my newsletter. I didn’t mention my course once.

While I don’t know if this had impact on my engagement, I do know it built better trust with my audience.

You need to know what the culture of your platform is built for, and what type of asks and content are appropriate.


Comes down to a couple things. Create valuable content based on your unique skills, and present it in a way that’s friendly to your audience.

The only way to stand out in content creation is to be yourself. Nobody else can be you.

Find what makes you unique, then triple down until you can’t be ignored.

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