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How to Go Viral With the New Algorithm

I break down all 9332 changes to the X algo

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How to Go Viral With the New Algorithm

Over the past 3 weeks there has been 9332 changes to the X algorithm.

Over the course of 10 hours I went through all the code to check out each change.

These aren’t small tweaks, these were major changes to a complex system.

Here’s every big change and what you need to do to adapt:


A big focus for many of the changes to the algorithm was multimedia, specifically video.

You will very soon see significantly more video pushed onto your feed. “Tweets you might like” are now going to be replaced by “Popular videos”


Elon clearly wants you consuming way more video on X. With an increase in recommended videos will come an increase in boosts by the algorithm.

There has also been recent leaks about a dedicated media section on X as well, meaning videos will get a centralized home on the app.

What does this mean for you? Well it means if you’re looking to build an audience and get exposure on this platform you need to be creating content the algorithm loves.

Currently, the algorithm loves video.

You don’t need to overthink this. Turn on your phone camera, point it at yourself, and talk. It isn’t complicated. Talk about the latest news or tell a joke.

I’ve started turning my GM tweets into videos:


There is a ton of new code in the algorithm around pushing subscriptions.

First, you will start seeing a lot more subscription-only content being pushed on your timeline.

You’ll also start seeing “People to subscribe to”. The algo will be pushing recommendations to you non stop until you start subscribing.

There’s also now a boost for ‘creators’. Creators are anyone with subscriptions enabled. X really wants people getting used to the action of subscribing to people.

What does this mean for you? Time to turn the subscription button on. I applied for the button about a month ago. I plan on turning it off once it’s enabled until I can come up with a proper strategy for it.

I don’t want to charge people money unless I know I’m giving them 10x value.

In my opinion though the most valuable thing you can do is have subscriber only spaces. This is a really interesting way to build a closer bond with your most hardcore fans.

I subscribed to Elon just so I can have a 1% chance higher possibility of chatting with him on a subscriber only space.

Subscriber only Livestreams and Spaces are an incredibly unique ways to build tighter relationships with your audience.


Elon wants X to be the number one place to go for the latest news. Clearly “Citizen Journalism” is a focus for the app.

In the new algorithm code, there is new functionality around pushing trending topics more on the timeline:


There will now be recommended trend tweets as well as recommended media tweets.

What does this mean for you? Talk more about current and trending content. The more you talk about the latest news, the better chance you have of hitting timelines.

How do you talk about the latest news? Look at trends you are seeing then give a high conviction opinion. The stronger the opinion the better.


There is new code in the algorithm around replies ranking higher on the home feed. In fact, replying will surface more content than retweeting. If you reply, there’s now a higher chance of people seeing that reply on their feed.

A lot of people are reply spamming at the moment to rack up fake impressions. This is a really dumb idea. With everyone spamming, your own spam is not going to get noticed.

You need to stand out, and you do this by writing high quality replies. What are high quality replies?

Replies that give value. That show personality. That give your own unique perspective.

Truly take your time writing replies. Also try reworking replies into new tweets. I’ve come up with a ton of content by reworking my replies.


This is an interesting one. High quality tweets will now stay on your timeline for up to 48 hours instead of 24.

Elon clearly wants high quality content to rise to the top of the feed and stay there.

What does this mean for you? Focus more on quality over quantity. If you’re able to create high quality content people enjoy, it’ll be shared with WAY more people than 100 low quality tweets would.



A couple major commonalities between all of them: quality matters. Elon is trying to clean up the spam on the timeline by rewarding high quality content more.

Quality over quantity every day of the week.

A common theme is also discomfort. Want to rank high on the feed? You’re going to need to get uncomfortable and try new forms of content. You’re going to need to experiment with video and comment on trending topics.

Try new things. The only way you’re going to stand out is by being unique and original, not spamming replies like everyone else.

Any changes you’re making based on this information? Let me know in the comments below or hit reply on this email!

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