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How to Go Viral with the New Twitter Algorithm

I do a deep dive into the source code to give you all the nuggets of alpha

Happy Thursday everyone! I know it's really cliché but if you haven't figured out ways yet to incorporate ChatGPT into your workflow you're simple holding yourself back.There's an arbitrage opportunity at the moment. 99% of people have no idea how to use AI to produce better work faster. If you become the 1% that learns how to utilize it effectively you'll seriously get ahead. I've bought a few courses and have really been working on my prompting.

It's led to tasks in my consulting business that usually takes hours only taking a few minutes. I'd highly recommend checking out my TTPQ posts if you haven't yet. I include example prompts in each.

I'm interested to hear how you guys are using AI in your workflow. Reply to this email if you're doing something interesting or comment down below!

Sidenote: I just switched from Substack to Beehiiv. I like their vision and velocity of shipping product much better. Reply to this email if you have questions on this. Let's try out this poll functionality:

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Anyway, onto the alpha…


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How to Go Viral with the New Open Source Twitter Algorithm

Earlier this week I posted a thread that went super viral about the new open source Twitter algorithm. When Elon released the code I dropped what I was doing and combed through all the code (that Computer Science degree is finally paying off).

This newsletter will be less about what the code means, and more about the action you should take to get the most out of it.

Learn multimedia skills NOW

This was one of the biggest revelations of the open source algo code. Images and video are dramatically boosted.

I've been incorporating images and graphics a lot more lately. Carve out time to learn Figma and Canva. Canva is probably the easiest tool for graphics on the market, but I honestly use Figma more. I like the layout and organization of the tool better. You can't go wrong with either though.

Important: keep balance. It comes off as really tacky if you include graphics with every single tweet. I only include graphics with my GM tweets and some threads. Keep your content balanced.

Hypercharge your replies strategy

One interesting tidbit from the algo code was tweet reputation is boosted when original authors of tweets respond to your reply. So if you reply to a tweet and the original author responds, Twitter interprets that as good conversation and boosts the amount of people that see it.

This means you need to focus on HIGH QUALITY replies. A lot of people use replies to get seen more, so they send hundreds of replies a day. The issue is that they become lazy and make them brain dead simple. That isn't going to elicit a response from the author.

Simple strategy: make a Twitter List of top accounts in your niche. Go through and reply to tweets that actually resonate with you. Put in thoughtful responses. Quality > quantity.

Optimize for likes

The algorithm made it explicitly clear likes are the most powerful kind of engagement on your tweets. You need to optimize for likes on your content. Best way to do this? Tweet when the most people can see your content and give you a like.

After tweeting for 16 months, I've used several tools to track activity by the hour including a tool called Black Magic. My data has shown by far the best time to tweet is between 9am EST and 12pm EST. I've tweeted at all different hours and my content that I've posted at those hours has performed by far the best.

To optimize for those times I use a tool called Hypefury (highly recommended). Use Hypefury to schedule all your content ahead of time. Get it scheduled for those prime hours. More eyes = more potential likes.

Stop following so many people

This was shocking to me. The worse your follower to following ratio, the more you get deprioritized.

Here's the key though: DON'T START UNFOLLOWING PEOPLE. When I posted this a few days ago I got a ton of DMs from people saying they are now shadowbanned because they unfollowed a ton of people. Twitter shadowbans people who unfollow too much. They interpret it as bot behavior.

Here's how you play it: be more strategic with your follows. If you have a bad ratio, leave it. Don't risk a shadowban. Just work to create good content so you gain more followers the right way. And slow down with your follows. Only follow high quality accounts.

Change how you promote your other platforms

Outside links are deprioritized. For many people (including myself) I use Twitter to promote my newsletter. I do this by including links to it in my tweets and threads. You have to change the way you do this.

What I found that works: delay your links. What I mean by that is I wait typically an hour to reply to my high performing tweets and threads and then include the link to my newsletter in that delayed follow up. I find it doesn't hurt the performance of the tweet at all.

Don't include any outside links in the original tweet or your performance will suffer.

Don't be a d*ck

Twitter's algo deprioritizes any tweets that have a negative tone or controversial subjects. General rule of life: just don't be a d*ck.

Hope these tidbits were helpful. They appear to be updating the source code as we speak, so I'll make sure to keep you updated on any news as it happens on my Twitter.

AI Tip: Ask ChatGPT Questions Before Submitting a Prompt

Quick tip I learned today I had to share. I asked ChatGPT to rewrite my welcome email for my newsletter when people first sign up. The result it gave me was very meh. So I sent the prompt again, this time ending it with “What information do you need from me in order to create the best result possible?” It sent me a whole list of info it needed to make a lot more impactful welcome email.

Then it hit me, why don’t I ask this with literally every single prompt? I went back and looked at all of my prompts from the past week. I copied the prompts, then added onto the end a question asking ChatGPT what it would like from me in order to improve the output. I took the information it was looking for, then put it back into my original prompt.

All my prompts and outputs improved dramatically. Lesson learned: when writing any prompt, always ask ChatGPT what other information it would need to make the best output possible. You’ll learn a ton about how ChatGPT works and improve your prompting dramatically. Here’s the exact prompt I used:

I need a welcome email for the newsletter that gets sent out when a subscriber signs up for the newsletter for the first time.

The welcome email should make the reader feel like they just took a big step in their personal growth journey. It would also let them know what to expect moving forward, including weekly newsletters about personal growth, technology, entrepreneurship, AI, and building the life of your dreams.

What other information do you need from me about my newsletter to make the best welcome email possible?

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