Good Content vs S**t Content

1% Better 9/16/23

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Good Content vs S*** Content

I’ve published some really horrid content over the last 2 years. Painfully boring posts with no soul that was seen by nobody.

I’ve also had several posts seen by millions and interacted with by Elon Musk.

This last week I went back to reflect on my great content and some not so great content.

Here’s a few posts that have done incredible, some that have performed like shit, and what you can learn from all of them:


My least favorite content on X is the fake motivational, soulless drivel that ‘personal branding’ wannabe influencer accounts post. This was one of my most soulless ones.

0 personal story. 0 authority. 0 experience. Wouldn’t be surprised if you find this on Google somewhere.

X is littered with these types of posts now. Everyone thinking they’re the next Tony Robbins.

There’s nothing wrong with posting positive, motivational content. It just becomes old and boring when it has no soul.

How do you put soul in your content? Personality. Humor. Storytelling.

3 things this post completely lacked. Dud.


Here’s a motivational post that absolutely slapped, and for good reason.

It has vulnerability. It has a personal story. It has narrative progression. It has all the ingredients to hook the reader from beginning to end.

Every month I try to put out a post just like this. It’s my favorite template.

It makes the reader feel more connected to me as a human, while providing a little motivation.


Typical fake influencer speak. Fake motivation. No soul. Obvious clickbait question at the end. A boring snooze fest.

I almost fell asleep reading it back.

X is now 99% wannabe influencers posting content like this every day.

You fix this by sounding like a human being, not ChatGPT.


This post did NUMBERS.

Why? Polarizing opinion. And not a fake polarizing opinion that I put out there just to piss people off. One I truly believed. One the reader can sense I believe.

I used high conviction, passion, and soul to present my controversial take.

It causes 50% of people to fully support me, and 50% to hate me. The perfect position to be in on social media.

Present your high conviction, polarizing opinions. Don’t be afraid to piss some people off.


Another generic post with little soul and a clear intention just to rile some people up with some low conviction take. Finish it off with a clear clickbait last line.

Nobody falls for this anymore. Nobody cares. Everyone finds it boring.


Ingredients for a bad post:

Fake influencer speak, boring, no soul, no storytelling, no progression, sounds like it was made by chatGPT, 0 conviction, can be found on any account that’s clearly attempting to farm some followers.

Ingredients for a good post:

Soul, passion, storytelling, humor, personality, high conviction, gut punching opinions, argument starter.

When writing your next post go through these checklists.

Do you have any of the ingredients from the good side?

Also be sure to reflect on your old content similarly to what I did here. No more powerful exercise you can go through to improve your craft.

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