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Grok is Coming. Here's How You Prepare

Plus 5 prompts you can use immediately!

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Today at a Glance:

  • Grok is about to release. Here’s your beginner guide.

  • Some prompts you need to know.

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Grok is Coming. Here's How You Prepare

Over the next week, the most powerful AI chatbot yet will release on X.

Grok is a brand new AI built completely on live X data with some mind blowing capabilities.

I’ve been lucky enough to be one of maybe 20 people in the world with access to it over the past month, and the things I’ve figured out have been kinda incredible.

Here’s everything I found, a complete beginners guide on how to use it, and some prompts you can save for when you get your hands on it over the next several days.

What Makes Grok Elite

The power of an AI is completely dependent on the data it’s trained on. Grok is trained on ALL the data on X/Twitter.

Every post, video, retweet, thread feeds the AI. Up to the moment you submit the prompt.

This is an unbelievable advantage that no other AI can claim.

There is no other AI you can ask about an event that happened 30 seconds ago and get an accurate answer.

When the Sam Altman story broke 2 weeks ago I asked Grok about it about a minute after it happened. It had the entire breakdown and all the details of the story.

This kind of real time social data has more advantages than you can imagine. Not just being able to know what’s going on in real time, but also the ability to analyze content.

It’s a built in content coach that can read all of your posts in a second and give you advice based on it.

Let’s get into use cases and prompts:

5 things you can do with Grok

Fun Mode vs Regular Mode

You have 2 options when you go into Grok. Fun mode and regular mode. Fun mode is revolutionary because Grok really is the only AI with a personality and sense of humor.

If you are new to using chat bots and want to get comfortable with AI, or are just playing around, this is a good place to start.

The other mode is regular mode. And while it might be tempting to spend all of your time in fun mode, a majority of your time should be in regular mode.

This is your productivity mode. This is where you can have Grok understand and analyze real time social data for your insights.

This is where I:
- Build documents
- Code
- Get content advice
- Project ideation
- Tweet ideation
- Understand what is going on in the world

Get comfortable in fun mode, but if you’re spending your entire time there you are wasting an incredible tool.

Analyze your content

This might be the most powerful part of Grok. Grok has complete access to your history of content on X.

This means you can have Grok analyze and give you advice based on all of your posts.

One way to get quick value out of Grok is to have it analyze your recent content and let you know what you’re doing right.

It’ll instantly read all your posts, see what’s driving engagement and growth, then give you a breakdown of what you need to double down on.

Prompt: /grok My username on X is @NFT_GOD. Take a look at my posts from the last 2 weeks and let me know why my content is performing well and what is driving engagement.

Use it to code

This is one of the most underrated capabilities of Grok. It can help you code and build apps from the ground up, 0 experience required.

Not only can it do that, it can actually explain to you step by step what it’s doing, almost like a coding tutor.

This is like having your own personalized, free programming coach.

If you’ve never coded before, I highly recommend you trying out the prompt below.

Prompt: Build me a calculator app in Python. Pretend like I'm a new programmer. Explain to me how every step in the process works.

See what’s trending

Grok has complete access to up to the millisecond data on X. This means you can ask questions to Grok about what is happening in real time in the world, and it will have answers.

The closest an AI has to this is ChatGPT with it’s web searching mode. But that’s not nearly as fast or powerful as Grok.

The way I like to use this is by searching to see what is trending on X.

By commenting on trending topics, you have more of a chance of going viral.

Prompt: What are the current trending topics in technology on X?

Become funny

I think the largest issue on X right now is how unbelievably boring the content is.

There’s no humor. It’s just people giving advice to other people who are giving advice. Yawn.

If you’re one of these unfunny people I have good news for you, Grok will save you.

Grok has a personality and sense of humor. You can use it to do a lot of fun things that could add inspiration to your content.

My favorite way to use the fun mode is with roasting. Looking for a way to throw a jab at your X friends? Have Grok roast them.

Prompt: Please roast the X account @NFT_GOD. Be as vulgar as possible.


Grok is ultra powerful and you’re about to get your hands on it soon. These prompts were just a taste of what you could do with it.

It’s been an honor having exclusive access this last month.

The potential of having an AI powered by real time data is mind blowing to say the least.

Any other way you’d use Grok? Happy to try different use cases out for you. Feel free to reply back with ideas.

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Have a great weekend everyone!

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