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The most important exercise you can do as a content creator

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The Most Important Exercise You Can Do as a Content Creator

The single biggest challenge creators come to me with is simple: “I don’t know what to write about.”

People know they want to create content. They know they want to start making money on the internet. They just don’t know what to talk about to get them there.

Well I have the only exercise you’ll ever need to solve those problems.

This Monday I woke up and decided to try a new routine. I went straight from my bed to my Nespresso machine and made an oat milk latte. Then I went to my couch and sat there for 2 hours and just wrote (by hand).

Completely open mind. No direction. No purpose. Just dump it all out.

What I organically ended up doing was jotting down everything I stood for. All of my principles. Everything I believed as a content creator.

Just a simple list of everything I truly believed in. (btw I’ll give you this full list shortly).

Can be personal beliefs or just beliefs on how business worked.

Some of these beliefs included:

  • College is a waste of money

  • Anyone can build an audience on social media

  • Networking is the best strategy for growth

  • You need to be vulnerable

  • The closer you are to your real authentic self the more people will be attracted to you

The result of this exercise will change how I create content forever. I now have a list of topics and beliefs I can always pull from.

If I ever have writer’s block or are not sure what I want to talk about, I can just go to this list and find a belief. Then I can take this belief and start writing about it. Or tweet about it. Or create a video on it.

Doesn’t matter the platform, I now have an infinite amount of inspiration I can pull from.

This is like my U.S. Constitution of content. It’ll completely drive how I create moving forward.

When judges decide what’s legal they look at the constitution. When I decide what I want to create about I look at my list of principles.

This is an exercise EVERY content creator in the world needs to do. Heck, even if you’re not a content creator I think you should do this. You’ll get an understanding of how you operate and what’s important to you.

So how do you do this? Wake up a little earlier one day this week. Don’t touch your phone. Go straight to the kitchen and drink some water or make a coffee. Come back to your couch with a notebook and pen (I used my Kindle Scribe which is an awesome e-reader notebook where you can write by hand.)

Carve out at least a half hour, but I’d encourage you to go a full hour.

Write down everything you personally believe in.

Take this list then digitize it. Put it in a google doc or in Notion.

Whenever you’re ready to create content, come back to it and read down the list. Choose a principle you want to expand on. I truly believe this will change the way you create.

If you’re interested in seeing my list, you can see the entire thing here.

Let me know how this exercise goes for you! Would love to hear what you came up with.

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