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  • Instagram Threads is a Life Changing Opportunity. Here's How You Play It

Instagram Threads is a Life Changing Opportunity. Here's How You Play It

1% Better 7/6/23

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Today at a Glance:

  • Instagram Threads launched. Should you build on it?

  • A couple strategies for getting the most out of the platform.

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Instagram Threads is Live. Here's How You Play It

The talk of the internet right now is Instagram Threads.

Zuck is going for the kill shot. He sees Twitter embroiled in controversy and is making his move.

Everyone on Twitter is wondering the same thing. How do I take advantage of this new platform? Will people even be using this in a week? Is it worth creating content on?

Here’s my answers:

You need to be writing on here immediately.

Twitter and Instagram are completely opposite platforms. There is very little crossover between userbases. Threads could be that bridge.

If you have only been building on Twitter and have yet to find success on Instagram, this could be your way to break through.

You’re currently stuck in a bubble. Twitter has 450 million monthly active users. Instagram has 2.3 billion. Your Twitter bubble is just a fraction the size of Instagram’s.

If Zuck successfully moves people over from IG to Threads, you have unlocked an audience you could only dream of.

It’s not only a larger audience, but it’s a diversified audience with completely different interests. Having this kind of diversity is so powerful because it presents you with a whole new set of challenges you can solve as a creator.

Threads is also a writing platform, almost exactly like Twitter, so the skills you’ve been working on translate perfectly.

If you’re really lazy you can just copy and paste your content. But if you really want to evolve, I’d highly recommend trying out new strategies.

The platform is small right now, you have nothing to lose. I’m trying completely new content types on my Threads account (FOLLOW HERE).

This is so advantageous for a number of different reasons. More freedom of expression means you can flex your creativity muscles more. The more you flex those muscles, the more pathways open up in your brain. This can lead to improved content across the board on other platforms too.

Also means you can test what people like more. I’ve been Threading about many different topics to see what resonates. I can’t experiment as much like this on Twitter because I could potentially alienate my audience there.

So here’s the recommendation: post OFTEN. Too often. Post as much as you can. I’m talking every 5 minutes. Try new things. See what works. Collect data. Double down. You have literally nothing to lose.

Do I think people will still be using this platform in 2 weeks?


If they’re not, then whatever. No time lost. I spend a few minutes a day on there. Not losing much.

But if they are, and Zuck can keep the momentum going, then the time spent these next couple of weeks building there is massive. You have a head start on a potentially multi billion user platform. That’s a LIFE changing opportunity.

This is your classic asymmetrical bet. You have nothing to lose by spending some time on there these next couple of weeks, but EVERYTHING to gain.

I don’t think Threads will replace Twitter, but I do think it can supplement it. BOTH can exist at the same time.

Do yourself a favor and give it a shot. Experiment with it. HAVE SOME FUN. You don’t need to take it too seriously. Create an account and play around with content. Try new things.

I’ve honestly been having a blast getting out of my comfort zone. I believe this will have a positive account on my Twitter content.

Played around with the platform yourself? Reply below and let me know what you think.

Found this content helpful?

Join the 1% Club! I’ll be running a workshop on Threads over the next week that will include my strategy there. It’s the largest, and best community for builders looking to gain financial freedom through the internet. I’m in the community every day helping you gain more followers, find your voice, and build your business. Don’t take my word for it (click image to view thread):

Take care and have an excellent weekend!

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