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Jerry Seinfeld's Genius Writing Process

1% Better by NFT God 10/27

Happy Thursday everyone! There’s a lot of ways to gain attention on Twitter. Just because something gains you followers doesn’t mean it’s good for your brand though. NFTs will go mainstream. When that happens those with a platform will get life changing opportunities. If you’ve built your platform through means that stain your brand, it’ll be as if you have no platform at all. Companies won’t want to associate with you. Big players in the space won’t want to be seen with you. So my challenge to you this week is this: be mindful of every interaction you have online. Before you are a jerk to someone in the replies, or say some crazy statement on a Twitter Space, think about how it will impact your brand. Think about if that’s a brand that could capitalize when this space goes mainstream. Anyway, onto the alpha:


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Latest Twitter Thread:

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1% Better Every Day: Jerry Seinfeld’s Writing Process

This week’s ‘1% Better Every Day’ is inspired by an incredible interview I listened to on an old episode of ‘The Time Ferris Show’ with Jerry Seinfeld. On this episode Tim interviews Jerry about how writing process and how he’s become so successful. I was so inspired by this interview that I've completely stolen his writing process. If you have any interest writing online (this includes Tweeting) I think there’s a lot of value to be gained from listening to this episode. To save you some time, here is a breakdown of Jerry’s process:

Step 1: Ideation

Every day Jerry sits down at his desk for an hour with just a pen and paper. During this hour the only thing he is allowed to do is write. He can sit there and nothing if he’d like. But for that hour, the only activity he is allowed to do is write on that notepad. This is a pure brain dumping session. Any idea that comes to his head he writes down. Doesn’t matter how sloppy or not well thought out the idea is. It goes on the paper.

The critical part to all of this? He uses a timer. He sets that timer for 60 minutes. His reward for doing this exercise is after 60 minutes the alarm goes off and he can put his pen down. That alarm gives him a dopamine hit because it lets him know he accomplished something. It’s critical you don’t just make this open ended. Because then you don’t get that dopamine hit. If you can’t afford 60 minutes in your day to do this, do 30. If you can’t do 30 do 10. Just start somewhere. Use this time to do any sort of writing

Step 2: Editing

After his ideation writing session, the next day he’ll come back and do editing. Same set up, time box it and make sure you set an alarm. Now use this time to destroy your ideas. Jerry would go through and erase any jokes that didn’t sound as good. A full night sleep and a little time away from your writing will really change your perspective. I’ve been using this same strategy for my writing when it comes to Tweets and newsletters. I’ll edit down all my tweet ideas. Erasing as many words as I can, deleting anything that stinks. This editing sessions is all about being as critical as you can of your previous writing session.

Step 3: Data Collection

The last step is data collection. Now that Jerry has edited down all of his ideas, he would now take his jokes to the comedy club and try them out. He’d look for themes that work and don’t work. He’d note down all the jokes that land. He’d be super observant of the crowd’s reactions to everything he said. The way I apply this to my workflow is I track all of my tweets. I actually have a spreadsheet I use that I put all of my tweets into. I then track the likes, retweets, and comments. Then once a week I go back and review the database to look for themes. Not saying you need to do this with your work, but just make sure you have some sort of exercise where you review your writing performance and look for themes that work.

From here it’s all repetition. He’d perform this cycle over and over and over again. In fact this is still his writing process to this day. Success is determined by how many times you can repeat an activity over and over again. Jerry Seinfeld has become one of the greatest comedy writers of all time because of his ability to repeat this process over and over again. I’ve now adopted this process as my own.

Would love to hear your thoughts and what your writing process is. Feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected].

This Week's News:

🔥 Reddit NFTs Take Off

🔥 Beanie Returns

🔥 Blur Launches


After large sweeps by several notable crypto influencers, Reddit NFTs were in the spotlight this week, as their ‘Digital Collectibles’ dominated Opensea volume. Reddit, long a community that lambasted NFT and NFT holders, appears to be a lot more comfortable with the term ‘Digital Collectibles’ than the term ‘NFTs’ (can you blame them?). This was an especially notable event as it felt like the first time NFTs were accepted by a mainstream community outside of Crypto Twitter. This also marks one of the first Polygon based NFTs to find success on secondary marketplaces.

Here are a few lessons I learned this week:

  1. The general public doesn’t care about “owning their keys”

  2. They don’t care about decentralization, privacy, and security

  3. They don’t care about owning their data

  4. They don’t want to learn anything new

  5. They simply want to collect things and make money

The fact that it took this long for the crypto community to realize this is kind of shocking. Reddit made it incredibly easy for people to collect digital assets. You click a couple buttons in their app and you now have a ‘Vault’ with ‘Digital Collectibles’. Not ‘Private Keys’ with ‘Non Fungible Tokens’. People don‘t want confusing. They don’t want complex. They want simple and easy to use. Now despite taking forever for the crypto community to understand this, this is still very good news. The concept of digital ownership is slowly going more and more mainstream. Do I think this is some indicator that will kick off a new bull run? Absolutely not. Do I think we’ll still be talking about Reddit NFTs a week from now? No. But digital ownership is being trojan horse’d to the mainstream in a clever way. I wouldn’t be surprised to see every major social media platform have similar functionality in the coming months.


Infamous NFT investor/influencer/trader Beanie returned to Crypto Twitter this week, after being silent for most of 2022. Beanie has been behind many projects that have not panned out, including Bloots, Look Labs, Pixel Vault, and End Game. While Beanie has made tremendous amounts of money on these projects, a vast majority of holders lost incredible amounts. Beanie returned to two of the biggest stages in NFTs, The Nifty Morning Show and Alex42’s space to defend himself. In the Twitter Spaces Beanie served up several explanations including Bloots was a “free mint parody”, Look Labs was exited with an NDA, Pixel Vault he was kicked out of by the founders, and End Game just never caught on.

A lot of excuses but at the end of the day he led up several projects and was very quick to abandon ship when things started to go downhill. While the definition of “rugging” is largely debated and mostly subjective, at some point you have to take responsibility after heading up so many failed projects and extracting millions out of the ecosystem. Beanie just happened to have real convenient answers and explanations for all of his failed projects. Come 2023 I don’t believe the Beanies of the world will find much success. Holders will be more mature. They’ll be more educated and do more research. Shady undoxxed characters with gross track records won’t be able to succeed like they did in 2021 and 2022.


A new marketplace with tons of hype launched this week, as Blur.io made a splash with their massive air drop. Backed by many notable influencers in the space, including the aforementioned Beanie, Blur had a successful launch as they did more volume than SudoSwap has done in its entire existence. Users of Blur were able to connect their wallet and get an airdrop of mystery crates. These mystery crates could only be collected after listing an NFT on the site. The contents of the mystery box won’t be revealed until early next year.

I feel like I’ve explained this a few times in this newsletter before, but there is no such thing as free money. If everyone is planning to sell these airdrops, then who is going to be buying them? In order to make money, there needs to be a seller and a buyer. Everyone participating on Blur is exclusively looking to sell this crate. This doesn’t make sense in a bull market and especially doesn’t make sense in a deep bear market. The APE coin airdrop worked because a large group of people wanted to speculate on The Otherside and be a part of that ecosystem. There is nobody dying to be a part of the Blur ecosystem. If you’re getting this airdrop and listing NFTs just because you think there is free money waiting for you in a few months, you’re going to be disappointed. If you legitimately like the tools and want to use the site for that, all the power to you. But just remember, not only is there no such thing as free money, but all the investors who are being compensated with the Blur token will be selling eventually as well. Will be interesting to watch and see how Blur builds out the tokenomics behind this marketplace. An area where several notable marketplaces have failed in the past.

Replies of the Week

Thank you so much to everyone who’s replied to my tweets or emailed me this week! Look forward to hearing from more of you soon! Take care and have an excellent weekend!

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