The number one community for creators and builders on the internet is live

Hey everyone!

The community I’ve been working on for over a year now has LAUNCHED! The 1% Club is now live!

This is the biggest community for builders and creators on X and the biggest launch of my life!

Every piece of content, course, challenge, article, and video is up and we are hanging out in the digital co-working space.

If you have been struggling to grow on X, get engagement, find your voice, build your brand, or just find your place, this is the community for you.

By joining the 1% Club you get instant access to:

  • The community of builders and creators

  • Instant access to the X Growth Masterclass

  • Instant access to the X Algorithm Masterclass

  • Weekly coaching calls with Alex Finn

  • Monthly master minds with X's top creators

  • Daily tweet and content reviews

  • Endless hours of tutorials, articles, and educational content

  • Digital co-working space

  • Weekly office hours

  • Accountability groups

  • Weekly challenges and leaderboards

I’ll be hanging out in the community live all day, so feel free to stop by, say hi, ask questions, and start one of the courses!

To sign up for the club, check out the website here.

And feel free to reach out with absolutely any questions you have on this! Can’t wait to see you there!

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