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You Need to Implement This Habit NOW

1% Better 5/18/23

Happy Thursday everyone! Deep work and focus are unbelievably rare in 2023. Like most people, I’m constantly distracted by every beep and notification that goes off. After doing some self reflection, I determined context switching was my biggest kryptonite.

I had meetings or calls every other hour, which made it insanely difficult to go into deep focus. It takes 15 minutes to refocus after completing a task, and another 15 minutes to mentally prepare for another. It left me not much time for true deep focus.

This week I experimented and only took calls and meetings after 2pm EST. It allowed me to completely focus on my work in the morning. It’s been amazing for my concentration. I’d highly recommend giving time blocking a shot if you have control over your calendar.

The rarer something is (focus) the more valuable it becomes if you can achieve it.

Anyway, let’s get into it…


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Content Competition Winner

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This week’s winner is Punk! Punk wrote the excellent thread below (click the image to see the full thread). It’s a biographical thread on a project founder in the NFT space. It’s really well written and tells a great narrative that keeps you reading until the end. Also excellent use of multimedia. Awesome job Punk!

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Come hungry!

You Need to Implement This Habit NOW

Over the last month I’ve implemented a habit that has been a total game changer for my life, creativity, and business.

This habit has totally destroyed writers block, produced multiple pieces of content that have gone viral, and grown my audience a ton.

If you are a content creator looking to make better content, or just want to implement a new habit that exercises your mind while acting as a form of therapy, you need to copy this from me.

I’ve started doing 30 minute brain dump sessions daily.

30 minutes a day I set a timer and start brain dumping into a document on my computer (I use Notion). Typically this brain dump will be about a subject I’m thinking about that day.

The benefits to adding this habit to my routine have been unreal. I’ve been able to produce more content in a shorter period of time than I ever have been able to in the past. I currently have 36 tweets scheduled (3 weeks worth) and 59 being drafted.

I’m getting newsletters done weeks in advanced. I have multiple long form tweets ready to go.

It’s a small habit that can seriously change the way you work. That atomic essay you write in those 30 minutes can be repurposed 100 different ways.

One atomic essay can provide you with enough content for a week (AI helps a ton with this, will give you a few prompts later on).

Even if you’re not a content creator, the benefits have been massive.

It’s helped me get ideas out from my head that might have been stuck in the corner. I’ve come up with ideas for products I want to build and software I want to write just from getting all the thoughts in my head onto a notepad.

Not to mention the therapeutic benefits. A weight will be lifted off you shoulders as ideas you had caught up inside you are let out. Seriously, you should be trying this habit out even if you aren’t producing regular content.

Here’s how I fit this habit into my day: my mornings stay the same. Wake up, work out, journal. My journaling is hand-written in a notebook. This is about whatever is on my mind that day. No direction, just getting words on a page.

In the afternoon, after I’ve gotten some deep work done, I have my 30 minute brain dump session. By this time in the afternoon I’ve run into some challenge or learned something new. I choose one of those topics and write about it for the full 30 minutes.

I’m on do not disturb mode. I put my phone away. My notepad is in full screen. YOU CANNOT BE DISTRACTED!

The hardest brain dump session you’re going to have is your first one. It’s going to make you uncomfortable. It’s going to feel weird. That’s a good thing.

Use this first brain dump session to dump out as many ideas and topics as you can.

Just generate ideas for topics for future sessions.

My first session I generated 50+ ideas.

Now for every brain dumping session, I go back and choose one of the ideas and write about it. I’m set for months now.

If you’re a content creator I swear this will quickly turn into your favorite habit. Almost every piece of content I’ve released the last couple of weeks spawned from a brain dump session. In fact, all my long form tweets were copied and pasted from a session:

Also quick shout out Rondelle who has been DMing me her atomic essay every single day for the past few weeks. If you need an accountability partner feel free to DM me your essays too!

I seriously challenge you to give this a go. Start with just 1 day. See if you can get it to two in a row. Then keep it going. I truly believe this could be a game changer for everyone, especially content creators.

Also side note, this newsletter was copied and pasted from a brain dump.

Found this content helpful?

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AI Prompts To Use On Your Brain Dumps

This prompt will generate you a list of topics you can write about for your brain dumps. All you need to do is input a few high level interests you have.

Begin Prompt

I want to write an atomic essay but I am not sure what to write about. I'd like to generate a list of potential topics I can write about for 30 minutes. Here is a list of my interests:

1. {interest 1}2. {interest 2}3. {interest 3}4. {interest 4}5. {interest 5}

Please generate a list of 30 topics based on challenges or goals people have when it comes to these interests.

End Prompt

This prompt will pull out a list of novel, interesting ideas from your atomic essay and draft you up some tweets. The novel ideas are important because these can act as pillar content for you. Study the novel ideas and think of other ways you can create content based on them.

Being Prompt

I'm going to send you an atomic essay. Take this atomic essay and pull out a list of all the novel ideas. These are ideas that will make people think, could be considered contrarian, or are the most important points in the essay. Then for each novel point, draft 3 possible tweets for each. Do not include hashtags or emojis in these tweets.

{atomic essay}

End Prompt

The next prompt will take your atomic essay and format it for a long form tweet. Long form tweets are usually more readable with a lot of line breaks and bolding.

Begin Prompt

Take that previous atomic essay and format it for a long form tweet. Long form tweets are more readable when they have line breaks in between individual ideas. Individual ideas could be 1-2 sentences in length. Also bold the most important points and words. Please do not use emojis.

End Prompt

Found these prompts helpful? Every Saturday I send out TTPQ (free preview here) to my 1% Club mailing list. TTPQ is a tweet and thread template, AI prompts, and book quote that will help you make significantly better content and master AI.

To get way more AI content in your inbox, supercharge your content, and grow your audience even more, join the 1% Club below. You not only get TTPQ, you also get access to a community of like minded builders that will work with you every day to grow your platform. I’m also in the community every day chatting!

I hope this guide and prompts were helpful for you! If you use the prompt feel free to email or DM me, would love to hear your experience with it.

Take care and have an excellent weekend!


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