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You Need To Prepare for the Future of Twitter NOW

1% Better by NFT God

Happy Thursday everyone (and Thanksgiving for my fellow American readers)! Going to do things a little different this week. Instead of covering the top stories I’m going to talk a little bit about my vision for the future of Twitter and why it’s the single greatest opportunity for revenue generation in social media right now. If you’re into content creation, crypto, NFTs, or just making money online this post will for sure get your gears turning. I strongly believe ANYONE can create a content side hustle, no matter what your day job is or what your skills are. Web 3 and blockchain technology will only democratize these opportunities more. Anyway, onto the alpha:


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1% Better Every Day: Programming

I tweet and write a tremendous amount about programming. It’s pretty simple why: programming is an incredibly high leverage skill that not nearly enough people have. The sad thing is that people typically avoid learning it because they are intimidated. Their inner voice convinces themselves that it’s too difficult or it’s not for them or they’re not smart enough.

Programming is incredibly easy to learn. It gives you a skillset that makes you hyper valuable in today’s job market. It also prepares you for the future. The future is code. Everything is being digitized. The blockchain is the most revolutionary technology since the internet, and it’s 100% code.

For this ‘1% Better Every Day’ I’m going to give you a simple path to learning programming for free. My challenge to you is this: spend 10 minutes a night for a week working on the links in this guide. If you’re not into it, that’s fine. Nothing lost. If you do enjoy it though, you found yourself an incredibly valuable hobby. Let’s get into the guide:

(quick note just in case you were curious: I have a bachelor’s in Computer Science, was a developer for the first part of my career, and am now a technical consultant at a database company)

Which technologies to learn?


Javascript is always the first programming language I recommend people to learn. It powers a large majority of the internet. Most modern web technologies are built on it. It’s also very transferable, as learning Javascript will make it much easier to learn any other programming language. CodeAcademy has my favorite free Javascript course. It’s perfect for beginners and is very interactive, which I think is a great way to learn coding.

Sidenote: an alternative to Javascript I would recommend is Python. Python is a fantastic data science language. If you are more into running calculations and processes on large amounts of data I’d recommend Python instead of JS. You can learn Python on Code Academy as well, you might just have to pay their $18 monthly fee.


React is how most modern front ends are built on the internet. React is a library of Javascript. What that basically means is it adds more functionality to Javascript. React makes it much easier to build powerful web applications that are easy and pleasant to navigate. Once you’ve gotten a basic understanding of Javascript, you can easily learn React. Other than Code Academy I rely on Youtube to learn new programming languages. There’s some incredible high quality courses on Youtube for free. I’d check out this one:

Full Program:

Now that you have a basic understanding of popular programming languages, you can build your first full web app! Here’s a Youtube tutorial I’ve done myself and I love. I use the app I built in this video to start all my other side projects. You’ll leverage all the skills you learned in the past 2 courses:

Programming could come off as incredibly intimidating. I promise you it isn’t as difficult as it looks. 10 minutes a night. That’s all it take to pick up this hyper valuable skill. If you start any of these tutorials let me know! Would love to hear about your progress.

You Need to Prepare for the Future of Twitter NOW

The single most important tech story of the decade so far is Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter. There’s never been anything like this before. An eccentric billionaire who takes over the single biggest communication platform in the world not to make more money, but to revolutionize the way information is exchanged globally.

Twitter has had an outrageous amount of issues that has held it back from truly becoming an ‘empire building’ platform. What I mean by that is there are no true empires built on Twitter. Youtube has produced the Mr. Beast empire. Tiktok has produced the D’Amelio empire. There are no Twitter empires. The infrastructure just isn’t there. There’s no monetization at all outside of ‘Super Follows’ which if we’re being honest is a total failure of a feature.

Elon is clearly trying to turn Twitter into an empire building platform. Many of his tweets include some hint of future content monetization. He’s also already mentioned the return of video content on Twitter, including the resurrection of Vine and support for longer form video content. The types of content will expand, and the ways you can profit off that content will expand.

Here’s the thing though: Elon isn’t just going to slap ads onto content and call it a day. He’s going to make something bigger and more beneficial to society than 30 second pre roll ads. Elon is going to create a Social Economy.

Let’s walk through what we know so far:

  1. Elon Musk has long been a proponent of cryptocurrency

  2. CZ, owner of the largest crypto exchange in the world, invested 500 million dollars into Twitter to “bring it into Web 3”

  3. Elon hinted in a Twitter Space a Wallet is being built in the medium term

  4. Content monetization is a massive priority

So what does this mean the future of the platform could look like? Imagine this incredibly realistic scenario:

Every Twitter account is given a wallet. This wallet contains both cash for Venmo-like payments, but also cryptocurrency. A Twitter cryptocurrency is created and used as rewards on the platform for quality content. Likes, retweets, and replies are rewarded with the cryptocurrency (this is after bot activity has been eliminated, another priority of Elon’s). Quality is rewarded with engagement. Engagement is rewarded with currency by the community. An economy is born around social content. This isn’t a new or novel idea. Certain communities on Reddit have already started experimenting with this concept (r/cryptocurrency most notably).

Another concept tested and proven out by Reddit? Social Avatars. Over the past 2 months Reddit has introduced NFTs into their ecosystem in the form of avatars that any account can earn through engagement. Now picture this: Twitter Avatar NFTs are created. Rare and desirable traits are earned and traded through high quality content and engagement.

It makes sense for all parties involved. Users are rewarded for high quality engagement, Twitter is rewarded with highly engaged users. A social economy is born that rewards users who interact with others and contribute meaningfully to the community.

So what does this mean for you and how do you start preparing for this future?

High quality content will be rewarded in Twitter 2.0. Twitter has democratized content creation. That means anybody is capable of making high quality content. You need to start practicing creating high quality content that attracts engagement now.

Here are some examples:

  1. Twitter threads. Threads are the most viral friendly content on Twitter. A high quality thread has the power to attract millions of impressions in a day. 19 out of my top 20 performing tweets are threads. I’ve written 2 threads a week for the last 11 months to improve this skill. All it takes is practice. Threads will be rewarded handsomely when monetization starts.

  2. Short form video. This is another skill you can practice today on Twitter. < 1 minute videos are heavily favored by the algorithm and they’re incredibly easy to make. Set up your phone camera in front of you, hit record, then talk about the news for a minute. Do this every day. You’ll practice your on camera skills and also your ability to form opinions on the fly. Practice this enough and you’ll have a massive advantage when Vine relaunches.

  3. Long form video. Elon has mentioned several times he will be extending the time limit of videos on the platform. He wants you to think Twitter before you think Youtube when it comes to long form video. Smart phone cameras are so powerful today you can easily create high quality videos with just your phone. I have no doubt when long form video launches it’ll have a monetization model built to attract creators away from Youtube.

Once content monetization launches on Twitter there is going to be a gold rush. Creators from every platform will be flocking to Twitter to get a piece of the newly baked pie. Twitter empires that were never possible before will be born. The people preparing for this inevitable future now will be rewarded the greatest. The number one thing you can be doing to prepare is building your audience the right way. Not through engagement farming and botting, but by creating quality content. I’ve grown my audience to 70,000 off tweeting twice a day the last 11 months. I’m nothing special. Put the work in, be consistent, and be honest with yourself on where you need to improve. Life changing opportunity is coming. The best news? Literally anybody who puts in the work will win.

Replies of the Week

Thank you so much to everyone who’s replied to my tweets or emailed me this week! Look forward to hearing from more of you soon! Take care and have an excellent weekend!

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