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You NEED to try this with ChatGPT 4o 🤫

Major content hack

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Today at a Glance:

  • How to use ChatGPT 4o to improve your content

  • Tons of prompts for content analysis

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You NEED To Try This With ChatGPT 4o

Last week Chat GPT4o released and it is BY FAR my new favorite AI model.

Previously I was using Gemini a ton, but 4o is clearly the best model widely available.

I’ve been doing a ton of playing around with it, and found an AWESOME way to use it to improve your content. If you’re on X, you need to do this exercise with ChatGPT 4o IMMEDIATELY.

ChatGPT 4o has some unbelievable file analysis tool. It does an awesome job of taking in CSVs and spreadsheets, and giving you a full analysis of those files.

What I’m going to take you through in this newsletter is how to take all your tweets and content, run it through ChatGPT 4o’s new analysis tools, and get an in depth analysis on what content your audience likes, doesn’t like, what you can improve, and what you should lean into. This should help you make your content WAY better.

For people who have been following me for a while, they know I track all my tweets in a spreadsheet. Every single tweet I’ve ever put out is copied into a spreadsheet for my own manual analysis.

If you’ve been following my advice to a T (I know you have 😉) you have been doing the same thing. Fret not though! If you somehow missed these instructions, I have a shortcut for you to get all your tweets into a spreadsheet very quickly.

You’re going to need either your own manually built spreadsheet of tweets, or the quick automatically generated one I’m about to show you how to get in order to do this analysis.

How to download a spreadsheet of all your content easily:

  1. Go into your settings in X

  2. In the search bar type in ‘download’

  3. Click ‘Download an Archive of Your data’

Once you verify and submit for the download, it might take 1-2 days for you to get an alert through your app that says the file is available. If you haven’t gotten this file yet, make sure to favorite this email then read the rest of it just to get prepared for the analysis you’ll be doing.

Extract the data from this file (should be a ZIP).

Now go into ChatGPT 4o and hit the file button in the chat bar:

Find the extracted X data folder then select the file named ‘tweets’ (should be a javascript file).

This might take a couple of minutes to upload. This is your complete history of tweets and replies.


With your complete content history uploaded into ChatGPT, it’s time to start your analysis.

I’m going to go through a bunch of ways I used GPT to analyze this file of tweets.

I encourage you to use this as a starting point then go off in your own direction and ask your own questions based on your goals.

I’ll give you a bunch of prompts and ideas and instructions on how I used them.

Let’s start by telling GPT what we just uploaded to them:

In the Javascript file is a list of all my tweets. I want to ask you questions on them. Please disregard any tweets that start with '@' as they indicate the tweet is a reply. Also please disregard any tweets that start with ‘RT’ as they indicate the tweet is a retweet. Let me know if you're ready or have any questions.

GPT at this point should go into the file and verify everything you just said. Then it will ask you for any questions you have on the tweets.

Let’s start asking questions to the AI!

The first question we are going to ask will give us an analysis around our top performing tweets. This should give us insight into themes and topics that our audience enjoyed from us.


Taking a look at all of my tweets, why would you say my top performing tweets performed so well? I define good performance by the amount of likes. Give me themes and tips with detail on why my top tweets performed so well so I can go back and double down on them.

If you’re curious, here was my output:

Make sure to save the output you received. When creating new content, you want to incorporate these themes and suggestions.

Next, let’s categorize our tweets and see which categories resonated the most with our audience. This can give us insight into what our audience does and doesn’t enjoy from us:


Categorize my tweets into 10 different categories and then give each category a description. Then give me an analysis into the performance of each category.

The prompt should also spit out some key insights about each category as well! Study this data and think about how you can create more content in the categories your readers enjoy.

Next, let’s do a tone analysis. Let’s see the balance of tones between our tweets and see how the different tones resonate with our audience.


Please give me a tone analysis on my tweets. How has the tone of my posts evolved over time and what is the performance based on tone? Give me any other insights you have based on a tone analysis

This should show you the balance in tone of your posts as well as what your audience enjoys. You never want to be too negative or too positive in your content. I’d highly recommend using this data to understand how to make a more well rounded content strategy. Here’s my analysis:

Next let’s do another general analysis. This prompt I put in below gave me some really interesting results. It creates advice you can give others based on what has worked with your content.


If I were to give people advice based on what has worked for my tweets, what advice would I give them?

This is powerful because it gives you content tips in plain English based on what has worked for your posts. Here is the advice GPT gave to me:

Next let’s get a time analysis on our content. Let’s see what days and times our audience is the most active.


At what times of the day or days of the week do my tweets get the most engagement?

Here is my time analysis:

Next, let’s see what content led to deeper engagement from our audience. Let’s do a retweet analysis.


I'm looking to understand what leads to deeper engagement from my audience. What topics and themes led to more retweets? Give me a 2nd and 3rd layer analysis of this data.

This should help us understand topics that drive retweets, which is a deeper engagement indicator than just likes.

These are several of the prompts that produced awesome results and data for me.

From here there are a lot of things you can do. My favorite thing to do is ask the AI what other meaningful questions can I ask it.


What are other questions I can ask you about the themes and performance of my tweets?

This should lead you down a rabbit hole of finding more interesting insights.

Also remember GPT is great at creating charts and visuals! Try asking the AI to visualize the performance of your content over time.

The possibilities here are almost endless. Carve off some time from your calendar and go down paths of questions with the AI.

From experience, I’ve been able to completely retool my strategy based on this analysis. It’s been a wake up call on what does and doesn’t work for me.

AI is a complete gamechanger, especially for content creators. If you aren’t using it to analyze your content, you’re going to fall behind the people that do.

Can’t wait to see what amazing insights you guys get out of this!

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