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NFT God Newsletter 9/1: Y00ts Banned, BAYC VMA Performance Flopped, Moonbirds Roadmap Revealed

The Daily Alpha 9/1- Happy Thursday everyone! Heard a great saying today. “Keep your oars in the water”. I’m a big quote guy and am constantly writing down ones that stick with me and taping them to my wall. I’ve been preaching this for a while, but consistency is everything. It’s not about skill level, knowledge, or intelligence. Having any sort of success in life comes from consistency. Just show up every single day and keep your goddamn oars in the water. Doesn’t matter if today you’re paddling 10 miles or 10 feet, just keep your oars moving. Would love to hear some quotes that shape your mindset, feel free to email me [email protected]. Been having great conversations with a lot of you over the last couple weeks. Anyway, onto the alpha-


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Latest Twitter Thread:

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1% Better Every Day: 101 Essays

This week’s ‘1% Better Every Day’ recommendation is a book I just finished titled “101 Essays That Change The Way You Think”

I thought this was an awesome, easy to read and digest book with short stories on how to shift your mindset. If you’re looking for a book you can pick up and put down for 10 minute bursts throughout the day and still get a ton of value would highly recommend this one. You can spend 3 minutes reading this one and get nuggets of information out that will change your life.

Some main themes from the essays I found particularly impactful:

“If you consciously learn to regard the “problems” in your life as openings for you to adopt a greater understanding and then develop a better way of living, you will step out of the labyrinth of suffering and learn what it means to thrive.”

My take:

Obstacles aren’t barriers. If you take every challenge you face in life and use them as learning opportunities your whole mindset will shift. You won’t be stressed by problems anymore. You’ll be excited when you face new challenges because you know you’ll walk away a better, stronger person.

“The only thing you’re rushing toward is death. Accomplishing goals is not success. How much you expand in the process is.”

Have tweeted about this concept a ton. Life isn’t about goals. If you are constantly measuring your happiness on goal achievement you’ll be miserable. Instead, focus on the journey and the growth you experience during it.

“Letting yourself be jerked around by impulsiveness is a breeding ground for everything you essentially do not want.”

Impulsiveness is your enemy. Especially in web3 it’s incredibly easy to be swept up by impulsiveness. In my opinion the opposite of impulsiveness is discipline. Work on being just 1% more disciplined every day.

Send me any recommendations you have for this column, would love to feature you!

Today's News:

🔥 Y00ts Banned

🔥 BAYC VMA Performance Flopped

🔥 Moonbirds Roadmap Released


The story of the NFT space over the past 2 weeks has undoubtedly been Y00ts. It truly feels like Frank and the DeGods team has breathed new life into the market. This week the big story was all DeGods accounts including Y00ts and Y00tsList being banned from Twitter. While there has been wild speculation on how and why this happened, the truth lies in the way they were announcing winners of the Y00tslist. On Alexander42’s nightly space this week SolSorcerer mentioned he believes they got banned because of the way they were using scripts to announce the winners. The scripts that were tagging the Twitter handles of the people who made the list technically went against the Twitter ToS. According to the ToS you are not allowed to tag handles using a script without the permission of the account owner.

About 24 hours later the accounts went back up, this time without the innovative announcement system. The good news for Frank is that the marketing campaign already worked. Y00ts was the talk of the entire community for the week the accounts were up. Everyone knows about the project now, the banishment really doesn’t matter at all. In fact it can be argued it drove even more hype and attention to the project. Post the accounts being reinstated, Frank went on the Nifty morning show and announced the mint for Y00ts has been pushed back to Sunday at 2pm PST. Will be incredibly exciting to watch this mint. This will be the first time there is a true mainstream funnel to the Solana ecosystem. Will be really interesting how the ETH/SOL power balance is effected.


On Sunday night the entire NFT world turned back the calendar to 1999 as we all tuned into the MTV Video Music Awards to watch Eminem and Snoop Dawg put on one of the most underwhelming and cringe performances of all time. It was a trippy performance in which Snoop Dawg hits the stage with a massive joint that sends both him and Em into the metaverse where they morph into their Bored Apes to perform their snoozer of a single “From the D to the LBC”.

I don’t think this performance could have been a bigger L. This was Yuga’s first opportunity at exposing a general audience to NFT’s and BAYC. Instead of putting together a performance that feels high quality or take advantage of newer technologies like AR that NFT’s complement so well, they put together an animated video that looks like it was developed on a PS2. The lip synching of the digital characters didn’t even match up to the music. I compare the performance to Travis Scott’s in Fortnite. People unanimously agree the Travis Scott metaverse concert was revolutionary. It created a ton of noise and people loved it. The show immediately shot almost every song on his latest album to #1 on Spotify. Yuga had the opportunity to do the same thing and they totally botched it. Instead creating a cringe, rushed, and downright confusing music video. Hopefully the next time they get a shot at this type of audience they’ll take a little more time to put out something higher quality.


On Wednesday afternoon Kevin Rose held “Future PROOF”, the conference in which the Proof company lays out the upcoming roadmap for the project. During Future Proof, Kevin announced several new items, including more details into their NFT social media software “Highrise”, their new Proof token, as well as a new collection called “The Mythics”. Highrise will be an upcoming piece of software that will let Moonbirds holders show off their artwork and interact with the rest of the community. Seems like they are aiming to make a Discord replacement specifically for Web 3. The utility token will be used to interact on the platform. The most noteworthy news was the announcement of Mythics though. This will be a new collection of bird NFTs that will be airdropped to Moonbirds holders as well as given to Oddities holders who burn their Oddities. Post announcements the Moonbirds collection sold off from a 17.5 ETH floor to a 13 ETH floor.

I personally found the announcements underwhelming. While I think Highrise could be a cool piece of software, the announcement of Mythics really threw me off. Moonbirds price has been suffering the last couple of months. How does the Proof team handle that? By diluting the Proof ecosystem even more with another collection. This is like a public company perfoming a stock split as the stock is tanking. It really doesn’t make much sense and I don’t understand how this returns value back to holders. So far the utility for Moonbirds has been airdrops, staking, and fanny packs. None of which push the space forward or expose NFT’s to a broader audience. If I’m a Moonbirds holder I’m not sure I quite understand at the moment how the value of the ecosystem could go up anytime in the near future.

Email of the Week

This week’s email comes from Sean who talked a little about his opinion on inner peace and how never settling pushes people forward. I thought it was really well written. Any opinions or feedback on the newsletter? Send an email to [email protected]. Happy to have a conversation! Include your Twitter too so I can follow you!

“The Japanese have the concept of kaizen or continuous improvement which captures this idea and motivates their companies. The pursuit of edge to earn a higher degree (better job prospects), buy a house in a better neighborhood (safer, more community support), or build a better mousetrap (stronger competitive position) is ubiquitous in capital driven society. So how do people prevent that edge mentality from driving them to ruthlessness? And how do some titans of capital (Jeff Bezos for example) apparently sleep soundly while their employees strike for fairer pay?

I wanted to cite the search for inner peace as the possible antidote to ‘I’ll get mine, you fight your own fight’ but thinking about Jeff and others, maybe inner peace isn’t quite the corrective after all. Maybe it’s a broader understanding of one’s relationship to their community (and how they define their community, which could be extendable to the entire world). How do the concepts of move fast and break things and fair play intersect? Essentially, what do we owe one another, and are there mechanisms beyond everyday social mores compelling enough to encourage people to act in everyone’s best interest (if we can even identify that)? Right now trying to do so risks making one look the fool, a martyr, or a Mother Theresa depending on the circumstances. The fear that can drive the search for edge, tied in part to the distrust of ‘other tribes’ is probably one of the primary reasons for the idea that nice guys finish last, or that playing fair is a sucker's game...”

My Favorite Tweets of the Week

Thank you so much to everyone who's replied to my tweets or emailed me this week! Look forward to hearing from more of you soon! Take care and have an excellent weekend!

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