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  • NFT God Newsletter - The Daily Alpha 5/14/22

NFT God Newsletter - The Daily Alpha 5/14/22

The Daily Alpha 5/14- Happy Saturday evening everyone! It's been one of the wildest weeks in memory when it comes to NFT's. We've talked a ton about Azuki the last week so I wanted to spend some time today talking about some other projects that have been making noise recently. To all those reading this newsletter in a massive bear market- I appreciate you! Let's get to it:

PXN Ghost Division dumps on reveal

The long awaited anime project which many bet would be the Azuki killer revealed today to some controversy. PXN Ghost Division is a project from the semi-doxxed team behind Nanoverse. Since the mint a couple weeks ago, there’s been a lot of hype brewing behind this project due to some unique social mechanics. The 10k collection is split up into 100 regiments of 100. That means by owning a Ghost you are put into a team of 100 to socialize and play with. Also an interesting proprietary social platform allows you to use your PFP across communities. Pre reveal hype sent this as high as 4.5 ETH, but some disappointment and controversy with the reveal dropped the floor to around 2.5.

Some of the PFP’s looked exactly like characters from other anime NFT’s and IP’s. A letter from the creator explained these NFT’s paid homage to these other IP’s. As a way of getting ahead of potential legal action (which was threatened on Twitter by the Muri team) the creators of PXN announced they were removing the controversial art and replacing it in the coming days with new art. On top of that they’ll be rewarding these holders with 10 ETH. Props to this team for admitting their wrongs and making good to their community without any hesitation. Some other projects could certainly learn from this. At this point I’m watching from the sidelines, but ready to make a move if they are able to execute on some of this incredibly interesting social functionality.

Fvckrender announces metaverse release date

OG NFT digital artist Fvckrender has announced the release date of his long awaited art metaverse Lvcidia. On May 25th holders of his Fvck Avatars and Crystals will be able to access the first planet he’s launching. While more details are to be released, the metaverse experience will include exploring a digital universe, harvesting resources, and different competitive multiplayer experiences. I personally have been following this project for a while due to the incredible tech demo on the Lvcidia site. I’ve always had the thesis there will never be just one metaverse everyone uses, there will be multiple for different purposes. Fvckrender appears to be building the first art focused metaverse that will leverage extraordinary visual and audio experiences. If you have a good pair of noise cancelling headphones I’d highly recommend checking out the site. In my opinion interoperability will be key for metaverses, so I look forward to seeing how this is possibly implemented here. 

Project I’m watching: Crypto Packaged Goods POP

Crypto Packaged Goods, led by a group including large NFT voice Cantino, has launched a new partner collection to their genesis pass today. Titled POP, this utility pass gets you access to some really unique and intriguing pieces of functionality. On top of standard community features like an alpha chat, POP also gets you in a network that includes a Web 3 incubator, regular chats and meetings on web 3 topics, market reports, and other airdrops. This project and team has had my eye for a while. The original community members include AJ Vaynerchuk, Randi Zuckerberg, and Cozomo de' Medici, and are less focused on degen meme talk, and more on building actual skillsets and sharing knowledge.

As someone who is a builder in this space, I try to be a part of many different communities, and was waiting for one with this kind of tone and holder base. While the original genesis pass was hyper exclusive with only around 300 passes, this POP pass is slightly larger with a 2777 supply. This has been the meta I’ve been focusing on lately, the more exclusive utility passes with under a 3k supply. The distribution on this project is fantastic too, currently sitting at 87% unique ownership, spectacularly high for any type of project. While this is an incredibly risky environment for almost ay project to release in, I believe projects that are able to build communities in this market will be able to stand the test of time. People who mint or buy in bear markets likely aren’t in for a quick flip. If the POP team can deliver on this very unique utility proposition and maintain a strong community, I can see this becoming one of the top access passes across all NFT’s

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