Thanks so much Sir... I got an insight on how you faced the process and let nature do the rest

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🎶 ... stuck in the middle with you ...

This was really nice to read and refreshing. Thank you!

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Wow! I couldn't stop reading, what a powerful and incredible story. Thank you for sharing! :)

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Great story!

I was miserable through most of high school and more so in University because I didn't know what I wanted to do. And, I didn't think I was good at anything. All my mates were becoming lawyers, accountants an traders. Family and community pressure were tough.

It wasn't until I was into my 30's that I realised I could learn almost anything I wanted and then apply it.

I also realised that this ability meant I could add many skillsets to my tool belt. And, more importantly I could move roles, companies and industries whenever I wanted.

Seeing my mates at the same law firm for 20 years - I now feel sorry for them.

Great newsletter, thanks for sharing your story.

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I loved your story

I currently feel like that now , I am 22 , I feel like an idiot, dumb.

Feels like I’m not making any progress , like I’m stuck in the same place 😩😥

But I’m not giving. Thanks for your story every little win counts

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Hi, Alex! Loved this email. Thanks for sharing your personal story to motivate us. It is really amazing how a little encouragement and change of mindset can affect individuals. We are our own worst enemy.

Cheers to continued self education and chasing that curiosity.

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Awesome fam, hats off to ya... 🫡

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Alex - well-written, as always!

And I 100% agree with you that once you get off of likes and other wrong/uncontrollable/selfish metrics, you are free to create authentically and for those you seek to serve.

It's easy to fall into the trap of collecting likes; but what's helped me get off of that is that I create my content as sales tools. IDGAF if there are little-to-no likes or if it goes viral - I've created them as case studies and send them to prospective clients (I sell franchise investments); and they dig them.

Could care less about social media metrics.

Once recent article I wrote: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/paulttran_raising-canes-well-thats-a-dumb-idea-activity-7036748961122058240-uU7t/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_desktop isn't viral, but it's shown perspective, value, and insight - and got me deals.

And for your 1% better philosophy, I'm trying to remember to copy my writing and:

1. Put them in the free Hemingway app

2. Put them into ChatGPT with the prompt "Rewrite for clarity" and then

3. Put them into ChatGPT with the prompt "Rewrite for virality"

Hope this helps you and your audience the way you've always helped me!

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I've noticed one interesting thing that motivates me to keep making more quality content with less activity

It's the snowball effect.

I like to see at least one new person join the discussion or just like it every time

It motivates me to keep going even more

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I emailed Bob Bly to let him know you recommended The Copywriters Handbook -- I bet he'll love that. He also has a lot of free content on his site www.bly.com. If he replies I'll let you know -- he's a great contact to have. I'd also recommend getting your hands on anything written by Gary Bencivenga -- considered by many as the world's greatest copywriter (along with Gary Halbert). Very exctied to be in this group. Keep up the good work -- I love what you're doing!

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