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NFT God Newsletter 10/13- Happy Thursday everyone! Something I really struggled with when starting this account was being present. I was consumed by content creation. Constantly looking for things to tweet and inspiration for newsletters. In an effort to reclaim my life I’ve started scheduling literally every piece of content I produce. My tweets, threads, and newsletters are all written days in advanced then scheduled for precise times. If you’re a content creator or just trying to build an audience on Twitter I’d highly recommend shifting your habits like I did. By pre-scheduling everything so many aspects of my creative process and life have improved. I time-block creative periods (about half an hour a day) where I just simply hyper focus and ideate. I don’t have to constantly be thinking about Twitter, so I’m way less distracted during the day. And most importantly, I’m able to take breaks from the dopamine factory that is social media for days without having to pause my content (conveniently enough I’m on vacation in Florida right now).

If you’re into content creation here is my challenge to you: pick up a scheduling tool (I use Hypefury) and block off a half hour to purely ideate. Write down all your ideas, compose a few tweets, then schedule them out for the next few days. Don’t look at Twitter after. I think your personal life and creativity will thank you. Anyway, onto the alpha:


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1% Better Every Day: Resilience

This week’s ‘1% Better Every Day’ is inspired by an email I got this week from ‘Crypto Domains’. They forwarded along a great article ( from Deepak Chopra’s blog on physical, mental, and spiritual resilience.

To truly enjoy a fulfilling life, you need to master all 3. On a day to day basis we face hundreds of small challenges and stressful situations. Resilience is our ability to withstand those situations, let them bounce off of us, recover, and become balanced again.

“Resilience means looking for opportunities instead of focusing on problems”.

The problems we face every day are most of the time just narratives we’ve created in our heads. As Stuart Wilde said, “The fear of not having something disguises the reality that we have everything”.

Every day I try to strengthen my physical, mental, and spiritual resistance by just 1% each. If I can even make a molecular shift in all 3, it was a successful day. Here are some ways I try to make small improvements to my physical, mental, and spiritual resilience each day:

Physical resilience:

• 45 minute work out

• All 3 meals are healthy

• Stretches in the morning and evening

Mental resilience:

• 30 minutes of reading before bed

• 7 hours of sleep

• At least 5 minutes a day consuming educational content (online course or Youtube video)

Spiritual resilience:

• 10 minute meditation in morning

• 10 minutes of journaling right when I wake up

• Constant focus on letting go of emotions

If I can at the end of the day reflect and check off each of those boxes, I had a wildly successful day, even if work stunk or the weather was bad or I got terrible news. Doesn’t matter. I can’t control those things. But I can control if I got 1% better in all those important areas.

How do you think about resilience? Do you have small habits like these that you focus on each day in order to improve some form of resilience in your life? Let me know! Feel free to hit reply or email me [email protected]

Today's News:

🔥 SEC Investigating Yuga

🔥 Frank Announces 0% Royalties

🔥 RTFKT Reveals Animus


By far the biggest, and probably most impactful story of the week comes from the US Government as the SEC has opened an investigation into Yuga Labs and their famed products Bored Ape Yacht Club and APE coin. The investigation is over whether the NFTs are closer to stocks and thus should follow the same disclosure rules. Included in the investigation is APE coin and how the ERC-20 token was distributed to holders of BAYC. There have been reports all year that the SEC is investigating crypto exchanges and multiple NFT companies.

This was bound to eventually happen. In my eyes this is excellent news for the future of the NFT space and potentially bad news for BAYC ecosystem holders (I obviously hold a Mutant Ape). I’m a firm believer NFT technology will revolutionize many aspects of day to day life. Whether it’s finance, proof of ownership, gaming, or art, NFT’s will eventually push all of those spaces forward. Here’s the issue: the biggest companies in the world with the most money are scared to enter the space due to the wild wild west nature at the moment. There are no rules or regulations. And until there are regulations, the technology won’t get the investment it needs to become mainstream. The anti regulation mindset a lot of people have in the community is great if all you care about is making money on speculative JPEGs of zoo animals. It’s not great if you’re a technology maxi who would like to see NFT’s get mainstream adoption in more ways outside of speculative markets. While I think any kind of government overreach in any area limits innovation, I do believe some reasonable rules and regulations would make institutional investors and companies a lot more comfortable when it comes to the technology.

What will come out of this investigation is tough to tell. There are a lot of grey areas NFTs get into, specifically with coins and staking. The results of this investigation can shape how founders treat their projects from here on out. Yuga air dropped millions of dollars to BAYC holders for free. Yes it was a token, and yes it was technically a “DAO” that handled the transaction, but let’s be real, they gave you free money for holding their asset. While the price of my monkey JPEG going down would not be ideal, I’m excited to see what kind of precedent this sets, and if it’ll get us any closer to mainstream adoption.


DeGods and Y00ts founder Frank announced this week that all 3 of his collections (DeGods, Y00ts, and T00bs) will all move to a 0% royalty structure. Meaning there will be absolutely no more revenue for the DeGods team from secondary sales. This is massive news as all of Frank’s NFT collections are the king of the Solana ecosystem.

While the royalty debate has been the topic of discussion for what feels like months now, I do believe this will speed up some inevitabilities in the NFT space. First, royalties are not enforceable. There are a million ways around it through the smart contract. If people didn’t want to pay royalties, they can easily find ways not to. Secondly, royalties are not sustainable. In bear markets like the one we’re currently in, very few projects are making any sort of reliable revenue off of secondary markets. This means if we really want our NFT projects to be ‘companies’, they need to find alternate revenue sources. By pushing royalties to 0, Frank now has to find those alternate revenue sources quicker, possibly setting a precedent for the rest of the space. Micro transactions are surely to come in the near future. Whether it’s a charge to reveal, or use different pieces of the utility, you better believe founders will find new ways to make revenue off their projects. The future of Web 3 revenue is without a doubt a copy of Web 2.


RTFKT and CloneX revealed a trailer this week around their new Animus collection. The collection excited some and infuriated others, as it appears to be coincidentally inspired by the Yuga Labs Koda. The Animus will be airdropped as an egg to all CloneX holders in November. The egg reveal as well as information on what the hell an Animus even is will come in 2023.

I’m a big fan of how RTFKT handles their airdrops. While each airdrop adds to the total RTFKT NFTs there are in the world, they don’t feel as dilutive since each air drop is a very unique ecosystem. So far CloneX holders have been airdropped Space Pods (a 3D world experience), a MNLTH (which eventually turned into a Nike sneaker), and now this egg (a future companion monster). All are very different and unique ecosystems. You compare that to how World of Women handled their air drop (World of Women Galaxies), which was basically just a 20k expansion pack of WoW. The art was almost identical. This led to massive dilution and a severe drop in price of the entire collection. While I’m no art expert and can’t comment on the look of the monster, I’m excited to see how RTFKT/Nike handle this new companion ecosystem they’re creating.

Email of the Week

This week’s email comes from Kaizen in France. He wrote me a beautiful email about his morning routine and how he gets primed for the day. I love how he incorporates nature into his mornings. If I didn’t live in a shoe box in New York City I’d probably have a very similar routine. Thoughts on today’s newsletter? Something inspire you? Found an article online that made you 1% better? Cool habits you live and die by? Email me [email protected]. Would love to feature you in a future newsletter!

You have allowed me to initiate a routine that suits me and allows me to be in better shape mentally and physically and thus to have a constant motivation to think, write, help and build as best as I can each day that passes.

I will describe it to you :

- I go to bed at 10pm maximum to allow me to get 7 hours of sleep and be awake before sunrise

- I try not to look at a screen for at least 20 minutes before bedtime. Then I sit down and thank nature for being there and for being part of a privileged minority in this world. I also thank the people I met who left too early and who also make me the person I am today.

-When I wake up, I open each door of my house and then I go to my garden, I listen and I contemplate the nature waking up while thanking it for breathing again today

-Then I watch for the first light of the sun as I walk or sometimes water plants, and when the sun's rays hit the ground, I face them and start to stretch.

-After that I drink tea, spirulina, guarana and eat cereals with fruit and then I write in my notebook according to the recommendation of one of your tweets which was of great help to me: "Journaling is the most powerful habit I have".

- It's only after 1H30/2h of daily routine that my day continues either with a sports session, my jobs as an educator in high school, coaching or my attention in the web3 space in front of the screens

-No need to smoke, drink or take any other addictive substance, I have never been better.

Of course as you say consistency is the key and I will make sure I don't stop, so that one day I will be able to share these experiences that have changed my life

Replies of the Week

Thank you so much to everyone who’s replied to my tweets or emailed me this week! Look forward to hearing from more of you soon! Take care and have an excellent weekend!

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