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Stop Being a Camry. Be a Tesla.

Your content is a Camry. Here is how you make it a Tesla.

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Stop Being a Camry. Be a Tesla.

The biggest issue with X right now: everyone is so boring. Everyone is exactly the same.

Everyone is writing long form posts with personal stories.

Before that, everyone was an algorithm expert.

Before that, everyone was a branding expert.

Before that, everyone was a growth expert.

Before that, everyone was an AI expert.

Then copy-write expert. etc etc.

99% of people have the strategy of looking to see what works, then emulate it.

If you choose to do what the 99% of people do, you’ll never stand out. You’ll never be unique. You’ll never have an authentic voice.

I truly believe the only way to succeed not only in content, but almost any field is to be unique. To operate differently. The think differently.

It was literally Apple’s slogan for years and it’s the reason they’re the number one company in the world.

It’s the reason why Tesla will be the number one company in the world in the next decade.

Everything Tesla does is different. They refuse to do a single thing like their competition. I mean, just look at this steering wheel:

They could have looked at the most popular car in the world, the Camry, and just copied everything they did and make it electric.

Would have been real easy.

Instead, they wanted to rethink every single component of the car, down to the door handle:

If I asked you to visualize a Camry interior, I bet you’d struggle to do it.

But if I asked you to visualize a Tesla interior, I guarantee you’d immediately visualize this:

Is it the most practical interior? Hell no.

Is it the most memorable? Yes.

In an attention economy, being memorable is all that matters.

Right now, almost nobody on the X feed is memorable. Everyone has a perfect Linkedin headshot with a perfectly optimized bio with a perfect banner.

It’s so outrageously boring. You are doomed to NEVER be remembered.

You need to be unique. You need to be different. While everyone is being a Camry, you need to be a Tesla.

How do you be a Tesla? You work to be incredibly unique.

Try this exercise:

Open a note pad on your computer. Create three columns: your successes, your failures, your interests.

For 15 minutes each, brain dump as much as you can into each column.

By the end of the 45 minutes, you’ll have a ton of information that is personal to you.

Now go back and write as much content as you can on each.

Your niche is no longer the meta (boring). Your niche is you.

The answer to your success isn’t doing what’s working. It’s doing what makes you YOU.

Try this reflective exercise. It not only will help you write better content, it’ll help you understand yourself better and what drives you.

Stop trying to figure out what works. Start trying to be as authentically YOU as possible.

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Have a great weekend everyone!

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