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Take a Break. It Could Make You a Lot of Money

+ Pictures from Greece

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  • Why taking a break can change your entire business

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Take a Break. It Could Make You a Lot of Money

I’ve been away for a while.

The last 14 days I stepped away from the internet and flew to Greece. It changed everything for me.

I automated my tweets for those 14 days and barely touched my phone. I’ve come back a whole new man and a whole new content creator.

Want to improve your content and business? Go away. Here’s why and what you need to do:

It’s very easy to get into patterns when it comes to X. When you get into patterns, you get bored. When you get bored, your content sucks.

I haven’t been on a vacation for months. I’ve been stuck in front of my computer in my small ass apartment doing the same routine over and over. I got comfortable. My content suffered.

For 14 days I did nothing but write. Nothing but clear my mind and get it on paper.

I’d sit on the beach or on the balcony of our Greek hotel and just pull out a notebook and explore my thoughts. I’ve come up with 100 different ideas for my content and business.

I came up with a new angle when it comes to storytelling in my content. In fact, yesterday I put out my first thread with this new angle and it EXPLODED!

I came up with a new idea for an AI content course. I have a feeling this is going to be a BANGER.

For 14 days in Greece I didn’t touch my phone. I escaped all my normal routines. I just had a pen and paper and just emptied out all of my thoughts.

Everything that pissed me off, made me happy, and ideas I wanted to execute on.

I’ve returned to my New York City apartment with a brand new motivation and determination. I honestly have never felt so energized to do something special.

If you are in a rut, feel down, feel like you’re not moving forward, try switching it up.

You don’t have to fly to Greece. You could simply just change your scenery for a bit. Take a break from your normal routines. Go to a coffee shop and just write for a few days. Don’t do anything you normally do.

Automate whatever work you have to do and focus on exploring your brain. Seeing what lies in there.

I guarantee you come back a new person with a brand new motivation.

You have 100 years on this planet. If you spend those 100 years just doing the same thing over and over, you’ll never move past this point.

How do you refresh your routines? Let me know with a reply to this email!

PS: here’s a new friend I made in Greece:

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If you’re a content creator on X and are looking to learn and grow, this is the only community you’ll need.

Have a great weekend everyone!



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