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All It Takes is One Win to Change Your Life

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All It Takes is One Win to Change Your Life

One small moment, one small compliment can change everything

You can go from the lowest of the absolute low to transforming your life financially and emotionally

In my twenties I was lost. Living in a shithole tiny apartment in Cambridge, MA.

Paying $600 a month to live in a mouse infested sun room in a 5 bedroom apartment with a bunch of coworkers.

I was MISERABLE and had no idea what to do with my life.

Bad grades at school, bad performance reviews at work.

Didn’t like my career. Thought I was an idiot.

Not like an idiot where I felt bad for myself. But like an idiot where I accepted the reality that I wasn’t smart and it is what it is.

Then one win changed my life.

I’ve alluded to the story a couple times, but here’s how it went down:

I was coding a gay dating app for the company I worked for.

They were selling analytics software to Grindr and they needed a demo iOS app.

At the time I was at a major low point

I truly believed I was a stupid person not capable of accomplishing anything.

In a week I taught myself iOS development and built this app.

The app knocked it out of the park and got the deal closed. The VP of the company at the time sent out an email to the entire company, praising me for the app.

I opened up the email and couldn’t believe it. Holy shit, maybe I wasn’t an idiot?

It was a total wake up call.

I all of a sudden realized I was capable of so much more if I applied myself.

It was a just a small compliment, but it showed me I could accomplish amazing things if I put myself out there.

I went home that night with a new found confidence. I started teaching myself HTML 5 and Javascript. That Javascript knowledge turned into Python knowledge.

That Python knowledge turned into a crypto scanner. Which turned into an NFT scanner. Which turned into NFT God.

That one small win totally transformed me and is probably the only reason I started NFT God and turned it into a 6 figure business.

I went from being 100% confident I was an idiot to building insane momentum that has propelled me forward since that day.

Keep searching and hunting for this kind of moment.

The only way you experience it though is if you put yourself out there and try new shit.

Learn new things. Learn programming. Learn wood work. Learn how to farm gold with Chinese bots in World of Warcraft.

Just do something. Build momentum.

Eventually you hit an inflection point that pushes you forward. That changes your life.

If you are stuck like I was back in 2015, just put yourself out there and hunt that one small win.

Not only will it propel you forward, but it’s so much easier to obtain than going for massive wins.

One small win. That’s it. That’s all it takes to change your life.

Keep pushing.

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Have a great weekend everyone!

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