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Taking a Break Can Make You Lots of Money

How to refresh your entire mindset

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  • Why taking a break can change your entire business

  • Tips for generating tons of new ideas

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Taking a Break Can Make You Lots of Money

I took a complete break from X over the past 7 days and it changed everything for me.

If you’re anything like me, you’re all in on whatever it is you’re building. Whether it’s your social media, an online business, or your 9-5.

For the past 2 years my entire life has been my X account and this newsletter. The only thing I’ve cared about is building the best community online I possibly could.

To be quite honest, this was horrible for my mental health. Being reliant on any sort of algorithm you have no control of is putrid for your happiness.

Over the past 7 days I decided to take an (almost) full break. I went on a trip to Spain and put my phone away as much as I could.

I line up 14 tweets I used from the past, then copied and pasted them into a scheduler. Literally 0 effort.

The only effort I put in was 2 or 3 posts I came up with on the fly and a few replies every night.

Other than that, my typical 10 hour work day got reduced to about 15 minutes.

This was perhaps the best decision I’ve made over the past year. I’m now sitting on the return plane writing this newsletter with a complete notebook full of new ideas and a fresh outlook on my entire business.

Here was my strategy: during the day I’d enjoy my trip and spend 0 time thinking of my business. When I got back to the hotel at night, I’d open my notebook and just brain dump as many ideas as I could into it.

I’ve never been so creatively inspired.

When you’re in your business 24/7 and are constantly in GO mode you lose perspective. You get caught up in your normal routines and it’s impossible for you to mentally escape them.

That’s the situation I’ve been for the past year. Doing things the same way because I was creatively stuck in that routine. No room to breathe and think different.

This 7 day break completely refreshed my outlook. I have a new content strategy, new business strategy, and a whole new set of ideas I’m going to implement.

I could never come up with these ideas if I was stuck in my normal routine.

Here’s my challenge to you:

Find a way to escape. This doesn’t need to be a full vacation. This doesn’t need to be a trip across the Atlantic. This could be something as small as a 2 hour walk around your neighborhood with a notebook and no phone.

If you can do this for a full day where you don’t even think about your business that’s even better.

Put the phone in do not disturb. Put it in a drawer. Then escape and get out of your routine.

Come back, then brain dump everything you have into a notebook. I guarantee you’ll be shocked at the results.

Curious some of the ideas I came up with?

I’m implementing a full live content schedule starting Monday. 4pm est every single day I’m going live. Could be a live stream or a Space. Either way I’m going live. On top of that I have some goodies with badges, collectibles, and giveaways I’ll be implementing. It’s going to be a ton of fun.

Need ideas for how to escape? Feedback? Feel free to hit reply on this email and get back to me.

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