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Talking on X Spaces Landed Me a Role on TV

Plus all the tips you need for getting started with live content

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Today at a Glance:

  • How talking on spaces got me on TV

  • Why you need to be taking live content seriously

  • Tips for getting started

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Talking on X Spaces Landed Me a Role on TV

X Spaces single handedly landed me a role on a TV show.

Just by going on a Space and talking, I got noticed by Hollywood executives and was invited to be a judge on a Shark Tank style show that debuted yesterday.

Spaces has completely changed my life, and it can easily change yours.

By using your voice to share your message on the internet, you’ll attract others, including new connections that will completely change your life.

You NEED to be taking live content seriously if you haven’t started yet.

Here's how it all went down and all the lessons and action items you need to take away:

It all started 2 years ago when I spoke on my first Space.

I went on a stage with 40 people and was physically shaking.

I'm talking full sweat in my pits. I couldn't have been a more nervous wreck.

I challenged myself to do a Space a week until I was confident enough to run my own Space.

Fast forward a year later, I'm hosting my own Space on a weekly basis

There were no real narrative or goal of these Spaces, I just wanted to bring people up and have conversation. Just because I'm kinda a jackass I always end up trolling whoever came on stage.

Well little did I know it, one of the people I trolled was a Hollywood producer. A couple hours after the Space he DMs me that he wants to get me on a TV show they're filming.

A Shark Tank style show where I'll be judging tech projects. I'll have full freedom to troll and be an A-hole to contestants.

Fast forward to today, the show just released and I couldn't be more excited. (You can view it here).

X is a game changer.

Spaces are a game changer.

If you're on X or social media and you're exclusively consuming, you're failing yourself and your future kids who could be enjoying all of your X money.

Just by putting yourself out there, hitting post, or talking on a Space, you can make connections that completely change your life.

You underestimate the network effect of literally just opening your mouth and talking to others online. Conversations lead to connections lead to opportunities.

I started posting 2 years ago. A year ago I was able to quit my job. Today I'm on a TV show.

I swear you can do this too.

I didn’t do anything special. I used my voice and projected it as loudly and consistently as I can.

I kept shouting it until one day someone finally heard it

My challenge to you: get on the stage of 1 Space this week. Introduce yourself. Contribute something interesting.

Once you have the (metaphorical) balls, host your own Space.

It doesn’t have to be about anything in particular. Just start a Space and invite a few friends. Start a conversation. People will organically join.

Do this consistently for long enough, and the snowball effect will start. People will get in the habit of joining and your audience will grow.

Conversations will grow. Connections will grow. Opportunities will pop up out of nowhere. This is how it went down for me. I’m not anything special. I’m just consistent.

I swear you won't believe the opportunity you unlock

X can change your life. Start taking it seriously.

Here’s my episode of Killer Whales if you’re interested in watching!

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Have a great weekend everyone!



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