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Gm gm, excellent work ethic, consistent and inspiring, are you atending nft nyc?? or any other nft/crypto/media event??

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Amazing content as always. You have the greatest mentality u could bounce back from anything.

quick question, im a paid subscriber but havent received an invite to the 1% better discord server could you please let me know how id go about joining. Thanks

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Where’s the link to join the discord?

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hey hey, sorry for posting here there's not a way to DM you directly. Could you update the discord join link? It's invalid right now. Thanks!

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I prefer Evernote. I tried mem and it was complicated😅

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Big Bang! Did you hear this sound? You burst my brain! Thank you, man.

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Great advice - going to look at HyperFury and the excel sheet - your take on Twitter analytics?

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Hey NFT_GOD, thank you for sharing this topic with us! It's so useful for me!

I'm growing my Web3 Brand around 5 topics:

1. Education about Web3 Brand Building

2. Entertainement

3. Content making

4. Projects analytics

5. Art

I understand that I should have stuck strictly to just 1-2 two topics at most, but my brain is too chaotic and I have too many things to study to take on one thing at a time.

For example, I'm an Artist myself and that's my main activity at the moment, but I've been teaching people on YouTube about 3D & NFTs for a long time, now I've started my online courses on Web3 Brand Building. But since I'm closely connected to media sphere, I understand that in our world today we can't do without entertainment (and I don't want to give it up).

And with that in mind, I have a question for you: do you think it affects people's perception of my brand when they subscribe because I have a thread about a project, or someone found a thread about Web3 Brand Building, but sometimes they get some funny meme (video meme) or just a post from my life, or art that I create?

It's hard for me to judge myself objectively, but I think that's what I really enjoy doing - mixing up content in a certain way so that it has my unique style. It's too hard to get hung up on one thing.

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love 🦁💎 need to work with you. or the newest member

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Always love a resources list.

Also thanks for the twitter thread analysis doc.

Will definitely be using that.

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