Tomorrow Is The Big Day

Launch is Imminent

I just want to get one thing out of the way before I get into this email. I very rarely send advertisement emails out. I never send advertisement tweets out.

I pride myself on making every piece of content you read from me as valuable as possible.

When other people put out digital products, they’ll spam their email list for a month straight about it with obnoxious marketing tactics to trick you into buying.

You know which ones I’m talking about. The ones with corny clickbait headlines counting down every day until the course opens.

I’m not going to do this. I’ve built a large audience on trust, and I’m going to keep it that way.

Here’s the deal: I’ve spent months building my Twitter Growth Masterclass. Because I spent a lot of time on it and truly believe it is a gamechanger for anyone using X, I’m going to put 4 emails in front of you dedicated to mentioning it.

The one you’re reading right now, one tomorrow on launch day, one on the 2nd to last day it’s open, and one on the last day. I’m also going to write a single post on Twitter.

If you’re still with me, here’s the story:

Tomorrow (8/22) at 1pm EST my Twitter Growth Masterclass opens up. It will only be open for 10 days before sales close for at least several months.

This is EVERY SINGLE lesson I’ve learned from the past 2 years of growing my X account from 0-150,000, my newsletter from 0-28,000, and turning all of that into a 6 figure business that allowed me to quit my job and do what I love full time.

I guide you on exactly how you can do it yourself.

It’s 3 sections split into 40 videos of me guiding you step by step on how to get to the same position I am in.

3 sections:

HOW TO FIND YOUR VOICE: feel like you don’t know what to write about? This module will help you determine your niche by going through writing exercises to discover your true voice. Never run out of content ideas again.

HOW TO BUILD AN AUDIENCE: Every secret I have on how to create content that goes hyper viral and builds you a massive audience. These are the techniques I used to get replies from Elon twice.

HOW TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS: How to ethically turn your content into a revenue generation machine that supports your entire life.

You also get tons of other goodies:

  • Twitter Content Operating System

  • Viral Tweet Template Swipe File

  • Most Viral Tweets and Why They Went Viral Database

  • AI Prompts for Content Creators Master List

  • Figma Graphics Template

  • Newsletter Notion Template

  • Influencer Twitter List


Tomorrow the price goes up to the retail price.

If you are serious about creating content and scaling your X platform, now is the time to strike.

I seriously believe this is the single best course on growing your Twitter on the entire internet.

If you want more details or are ready to preorder before the price goes up, hit the button below.

Questions for me? Feel free to reply or DM me on X.

Love always,


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