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TTPQ #14: (Tweet, Thread, AI Prompt, Quote)

In partnership with Tweet Hunter

Hi everyone! Welcome to issue 14 of TTPQ.

For today’s issue I have partnered with Tweet Hunter. The best Twitter tool for building your following, monetizing, and creating high quality content. They have been gracious enough to partner with us so everyone could receive TTPQ this week. I personally have switched to Tweet Hunter over the last few weeks and love it. It’s now the only Twitter scheduling/content tool I use. It also has an awesome reply-guy toolset where you can quickly fire off replies to anyone you have on a Twitter list. Sign up for Tweet Hunter here (free trial available).

Every Saturday I send out this value-packed newsletter to the 1% Club containing:

• Either a tweet or thread template (with examples)

• A content creation related AI prompt (to be used with ChatGPT)

• A thought provoking excerpt from a book I’m reading

These are all templates, meaning there will be certain spots where you’ll fill in ideas to make the content personal. Anywhere you see brackets {} you fill in your own idea.

If you are interested in receiving this newsletter every Saturday, feel free to sign up for the 1% Club below. Readers of this week’s TTPQ get an exclusive discount off the annual pass (only redeemable until June 10th). You also get access to the biggest community of builders and creators on the web.

How to best use this post:

  1. Steal the tweet template and make it your own. I challenge you to tweet using it this week.

  2. Use the AI prompt with ChatGPT (https://chat.openai.com/).Try it out yourself then experiment and add to the prompt.

  3. Truly digest the book quote. Reflect on how it can apply to your life.

I’m welcome to any and all feedback! Please reply, comment, or DM with any thoughts, criticisms, or suggestions.

Tweet Template

If you are building a brand on Twitter, it is critical you continuously reestablish yourself as an expert in your niche. This builds authority which is an important component of brand building.

The best way to do that is by creating actionable lists for readers who might be in stage 1 of your niche. For instance, I write listicles all the time on how to get started in content creation.

Here is a tweet template you can use to write a similar authority building piece of content.

How to get started in {niche}:


Simple. Work smarter, not harder.

How to write in Tweet Hunter in 2 steps using their built in AI tools:

  1. Copy and paste the template

  2. Run the AI to complete the tweet. Boom you have a completed tweet in seconds.

Click here for a free trial of Tweet Hunter so you can give this template a try.

Tweet Example:

How to get started in content creation:

1. Make a list of all the topics you’re interested in. This is your starting point

2. Choose a platform. Start hitting post every single day on that platform

3. Go back and assess the metrics. What does your audience like reading about?

4. Iterate

Simple. Work smarter, not harder.

AI Prompt

I strongly believe long-form tweets will be a massive trend on Twitter soon. The algorithm is starting to measure time on Tweet. If you haven’t started experimenting with long-form tweets yet, this prompt will be an awesome starting point. Put in this prompt, get an atomic essay you can use as a long-form tweet.


Write an atomic essay highlighting the important steps beginners should take to master [product/service] . This short guide should be the ultimate solution for [ideal customer persona]. Use a persuasive tone to encourage them to take the desired action while addressing any potential objections.

This atomic essay will be posted on Twitter as a long form tweet. High quality long form tweets use bold text formatting for important points. They also use line breaks in between individual thoughts. Individual thoughts are typically 1-3 sentences in length.

Example output:

Book Quote

It’s way easier to change you mindset by taking action, rather than thinking. I find when I’m in a true rut I don’t get out of it by convincing myself to snap out of it. I fix the situation by hunting for 1 small win. Just one tiny, molecular win.

I build a todo list, find the simplest, shortest task, then attack it. Building that small winning streak almost 100% of the time gets me out of the rut.

Action over everything.

Have a great weekend and talk soon everyone!


If you are interested in receiving this newsletter every Saturday, feel free to sign up for the 1% Club below. Readers of this week’s TTPQ get an exclusive discount off the annual pass (only redeemable until June 10th).

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