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TTPQ #5 (Tweet, Thread, AI Prompt, Quote)

Supercharge your content with a Tweet Template, AI Prompt, and Book Quote

Hi everyone! Welcome to issue 5 of TTPQ. Every Saturday I’ll be sending out a quick, value-packed newsletter containing:

• Either a tweet or thread template (with examples)

• A content creation related AI prompt (to be used with ChatGPT)

• A thought provoking excerpt from a book I’m reading

These are all templates, meaning there will be certain spots where you’ll fill in ideas to make the content personal. Anywhere you see brackets {} you fill in your own idea.

How to best use this post:

  1. Steal the tweet template and make it your own. I challenge you to tweet using it this week.

  2. Use the AI prompt with ChatGPT (


  1. ). Try it out yourself then experiment and add to the prompt.

  2. Truly digest the book quote. Reflect on how it can apply to your life.

I’m welcome to any and all feedback! Please reply, comment, or DM with any thoughts, criticisms, or suggestions.

Thread Template

It costs $100,000+ to learn {topic} in college

Let me save you that money

In this thread I’ll cover:

  • {Main Point #1}

  • {Main Point #2}

  • {Main Point #3}

Let’s dive in…

Thread Example:

It costs $100,000+ to learn programming in college

Let me save you that money

In this thread I’ll cover:

  • Choosing a language

  • How to learn it

  • Building your first program

Let’s dive in…

AI Prompt

I will provide you two prompts. The goal of these two prompts will be to help you construct the previous thread template. These prompts can also be reconstructed to help you create any kind of content including newsletters and blog posts.

Prompt one will ask ChatGPT for prompts you can input to learn more about a chosen subject. This is a prompting strategy I have been using a ton lately. Before I do any sort of serious prompting, I always ask GPT what kind of prompts I should use to get the best kind of information. This has improved my prompting greatly.

The result of this first prompt should give you a lot of ideas for the thread you’re going to write.

The second prompt will take some of those ideas and actually create the thread.

Prompt 1:

I'm looking to write a Twitter thread on {topic}. What are some prompts I can ask you to build the best twitter thread possible?

Example prompt:

I'm looking to write a Twitter thread on learning to program. What are some prompts I can ask you to build the best twitter thread possible?

Example output:

Prompt 2: (please replace the main points in here with the subjects you selected from the previous prompt output)

Write me a Twitter thread. The thread will have 5 tweets in it. The first tweet will be a hook. It will have the following structure. Please include the line breaks in the tweet as well:

"It costs $100,000+ to learn programming in college

Let me save you that money

In this thread I’ll cover:

- {Main Point #1}

- {Main Point #2}

- {Main Point #3}

Let’s dive in…"

The next 3 tweets will be the main points. Each of the three tweets will cover one of the main points below:

Main point 1: What are some of the most important programming languages to learn, and why?

Main Point 2: What are some good resources for learning to code, such as online courses, books, and tutorials?

Main point 3: What are some common challenges that beginners may face when learning to code, such as imposter syndrome, fear of failure, or burnout?

In each of these main point tweets, please write a tweet that has a professional tone, simple words, understandable text, is punchy and concise. Do not include the words "main point" in them. Double space the sentences in each one of these tweets.

The final tweet will be the conclusion tweet. Make it a super concise tweet that reiterates the main point of the tweet and leaves the reader feeling motivated to learn about programming. Do not include hashtags

Sample Output:

And voila! You have a Twitter thread. I would use this as the basis for your final thread. Copy and paste this output into an editor and make it your own.

You can also use the output from prompt 1 to create separate tweets that you can use throughout the week. From these prompts you should be able to create a thread plus many more tweets.

Book Quote

This, then, is the human problem: there is a price to be paid for every increase in consciousness. We cannot be more sensitive to pleasure without being more sensitive to pain.

I’ve learned over the years the pursuit of happiness is meaningless. It’s impossible to be happy all the time. If you’re happy 24/7, are you even really happy? How can you know what happiness is without sadness? If you’re truly feeling happiness, that means you have to be feeling pain too.

That’s why my goal has turned into just finding peace. Accepting both happiness and sadness will happen. I just need to be at peace with it. That’s when you can truly be comfortable with life.

Hope these templates were helpful and the excerpt thought-provoking! Let me know all your feedback and send me a ping if you use any of the templates and see good results.

Want more tweet and AI templates? Feel free to upgrade to the 1% Club where 650 members share their templates every day in our community!

Have an excellent rest of your weekend!


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