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TTPQ #8 (Tweet, Thread, AI Prompt, Quote)

Supercharge your content with a Tweet Template, AI Prompt, and Book Quote

Hi everyone! Welcome to issue 8 of TTPQ. Every Saturday I’ll be sending out a quick, value-packed newsletter containing:

• Either a tweet or thread template (with examples)

• A content creation related AI prompt (to be used with ChatGPT)

• A thought provoking excerpt from a book I’m reading

These are all templates, meaning there will be certain spots where you’ll fill in ideas to make the content personal. Anywhere you see brackets {} you fill in your own idea.

This is the last TTPQ issue I’ll be sending out to my free subscribers (the Thursday 1% Better newsletter will remain free forever). I work really hard every day to experiment and come up with new AI prompts and tweet templates so if you’d like to support me and continue receiving this weekly value, please sign up for the 1% Club below.

Future issues will include more prompts, cheat sheets, and resources to dramatically improve your content.

By signing up you also get instant access to my private community where you can work side by side with me every day to improve your content, grow your audience, and open up more streams of revenue. I promise you within the first week you’ll get way closer to your content goals.

If you don’t feel like you get 10x value out of this club and the exclusive content, I’ll personally refund your money:

How to best use this post:

  1. Steal the tweet template and make it your own. I challenge you to tweet using it this week.

  2. Use the AI prompt with ChatGPT (https://chat.openai.com/). Try it out yourself then experiment and add to the prompt.

  3. Truly digest the book quote. Reflect on how it can apply to your life.

I’m welcome to any and all feedback! Please reply, comment, or DM with any thoughts, criticisms, or suggestions.

Tweet Template

Listicles are some of the best performing content on Twitter. The reason lists perform so well is they’re simple, digestible, and stand out on the Twitter timeline. The attractiveness of numbered or bulleted lists instantly catch the eye of the reader and draw them to your content.

This tweet template builds your authority on your niche by giving your readers a list of reasons they should care about your specialty. This will not only get them to read and engage with your content, but make them view you as an expert on that particular niche. It also prompts your reader for questions, increasing the likelihood they engage:

Why you need to spend WAY more time studying {niche}:

  • {UnexpectedOutcome1}

  • {UnexpectedOutcome2}

  • {UnexpectedOutcome3}

  • {UnexpectedOutcome4}

  • {UnexpectedOutcome5}

Happy to answer any questions you have on {niche}.

Tweet Example:

Why you need to spend WAY more time studying AI:

  • It can generate 1000 tweet ideas for you instantly

  • You’ll save hours writing a newsletter

  • It’s like your own personal research assistant

  • Podcast and Youtube scripts done in seconds

  • Sell more products with improved ad copy

Happy to answer any questions you have on AI.

AI Prompt

I’m going to give you two prompts just because I think there’s a lot of ways you can repurpose today’s tweet template. First, I’ll give you the prompt that will fill out the tweet template for you. Then, I’ll give you a prompt that turns this tweet into an atomic essay that you can use for newsletters or blogs. Listicles like the one above are incredible for content repurposing. They naturally can be turned into threads and newsletters.


What are some ways using {niche} will improve your life? Please give me 5 simple and concise reasons that are aimed towards {description of your audience}. Keep the reasons to one sentence.

Example prompt:

What are some ways using AI will improve your life? Please give me 5 simple and concise reasons that are aimed towards content creators. Keep the reasons to one sentence.

Example output:

AI can help content creators optimize their SEO with targeted keywords.

AI can generate content ideas based on trending topics and user interests.

AI can analyze user engagement and behavior to help creators tailor their content to their audience.

AI can assist in content creation by generating automated summaries and transcriptions.

AI can provide real-time feedback on grammar, spelling, and tone to improve content quality.


Take the following tweet and turn it into a 4 paragraph newsletter. Use my voice and styling from the tweet to build the newsletter. Make the tone of the newsletter casual, simple, concise, but powerful:

{your tweet}

As next steps I would edit the output of the 2nd prompt and turn it into a newsletter. I’d also take the output of the first prompt and turn it into a thread by adding a little detail to each reason ChatGPT provided.

Boom, a few minutes of work just produced you many pieces of content.

Book Quote

The mere act of contemplating a Plan B sets in motion a feedback loop that dramatically lessens the probability that Plan A will come to fruition. You spend too much of your emotional energy on contingency planning instead of on success.

This quote has meant a lot for me personally. It’s important to take risks. But not only that, it’s important to hyperfocus on your goal when you take risks. If you spend any amount of energy thinking about plan B, you’re hurting your chances of being successful at plan A.

In the 1500s when Cortes led an expedition to Mexico, he landed ashore with an army of exhausted troops. He ordered his troops to burn the boats. If the soldiers saw that there were boats ready for a retreat, they would have taken the easy way out if the battle got tough.

By burning the boats they had to choice but to succeed.

Burn your boats.

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