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How to Turn Your Twitter into a Million Dollar Empire

1% Better 6/1/23

How to Turn Your Twitter into a Million Dollar Empire

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Welcome to 1% Better. A weekly newsletter where I provide simple playbooks to grow your following, earn more revenue, and live a happy life.

Today at a Glance:

  • A simple playbook for turning your Twitter following into a business that supports all of your career goals and dreams

  • Actionable steps for building out a content funnel that grows your audience

  • The AI prompts that helped me build this newsletter

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How to Turn Your Twitter into a Million Dollar Empire

Twitter is the single most underrated platform for building multi-million dollar empires on the planet.

Mr. Beast has already done this on Youtube.

Countless other companies have made millions of off Instagram.

Twitter is up next.

I’m currently in the process of turning my Twitter into an empire. So far I’ve turned it into a 6-figure business that has allowed me to quit my job and build this company full time.

In this newsletter I’ll go over my step by step playbook and show you where this company is going next.

Build an Audience

The first step towards building your Twitter empire is building an audience. I’ve written a ton of content on building your audience, but to give you a quick rundown:

  1. Build a content schedule (I do 2 tweets a day and 2 threads a week)

  2. Create content around your niche/voice

  3. To discover your niche, write down everything you’re interested in/skilled in. Find the intersection of 3 of those things. (my 3 are investing, self improvement, and entrepreneurship)

  4. Give value in every piece of content you put out

  5. Chase your curiosities. Take courses, read books, then share those lessons out with your audience.

  6. Be consistent.

I am also a big fan on scheduling your content ahead. I use Hypefury so I can get my content out at the right time without having to be on Twitter every day.

Build a Content Funnel

Twitter is absolutely FANTASTIC at attracting people into your audience. It is the best top of the funnel platform on the internet.

Here’s the thing though, it’s awful for selling product. Selling just doesn’t fit into the Twitter culture. This is why you need to build out a content funnel.

I pull people into my ecosystem through Twitter, then push them to my Instagram, Youtube, and Newsletter. Once they reach the bottom of my funnel, that’s where I start offering value packed products.

What is your content funnel?

Building one out also has the added benefits of diversifying your audience across platforms and algorithms.

Grow Your Newsletter

My newsletter is my favorite bottom of the funnel. It’s great because you have an email list of your most hardcore fans and you’re not dependent on any algorithm.

Once you’ve started building out your content funnel, you need to grow your newsletter.

Growing your newsletter is incredibly high leverage. The more it grows, the more you can charge for sponsorship and ad spots. The revenue grows without any additional work.

The best way to grow your newsletter by far is with threads. I write 2 threads a week then link to my newsletter at the end.

By providing value in the thread, it makes it easy for the reader to want to provide an email address to get on your list.

Also make sure to publish at least one newsletter a week in order to grow your SEO.


After you’ve started building out your newsletter, you can start providing services to your audience. Consulting is an awesome first service to provide.

Consulting has a ton of benefits:

  • Learn your audience’s challenges

  • Learn your audience’s goals

  • Additional revenue stream

By reaching out to people in your audience and offering consulting on your selected niche, you gain a ton of information while also building additional revenue streams.

For more info on building a consulting biz, check out my post here.


Digital products are incredibly high leverage. You build them once, then they sell themselves infinitely. No additional work necessary.

Building out digital products like courses, ebooks, and software are a great next step in building your empire.

For example, I’m building out a Twitter master course at the moment (more details on this soon). It fits into my niche and branding perfectly because this is what I share value on across all of my content.

Once I put this out, it sells itself over and over.

Take all the challenges and goals you learned from consulting, build products that fix those challenges.

Active Investments

All of the money I make off of my services, products, and newsletter, I feed into my active investments portfolio.

For me, I actively deploy conservative options strategies in this portfolio.

These strategies include covered calls, cash secured puts, and credit spreads.

These are safer, more reliable investments than buying calls and puts.

I learned everything I know about this investment style off Tasty Trade. I’d definitely check out their educational resources when you get a chance.

Passive Investments

Lastly, I funnel all the revenue from my active investment portfolio into my passive investment portfolio. This is my long term portfolio that will help me retire comfortably one day.

The revenue from these portfolios go into stocks, dividends, ETFs, BTC/ETH, and real estate.

These investments provide income which help me live a much more comfortable life.

This is the exact playbook I’ve been sticking to to build my Twitter empire. Let me know if you have any questions!

Anything you’d add to the playbook? Let me know as well!

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