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My Twitter Routine That Got Me 100k Followers in a Year

1% Better 6/22

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Welcome to 1% Better. A weekly newsletter where I provide simple playbooks to grow your following, earn more revenue, and live a happy life.

Today at a Glance:

  • I go over my daily routine for building a Twitter audience

  • Actionable steps for consistent and reliable social media growth

  • The AI prompts that helped me build this newsletter

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My Twitter Routine That Got Me 100k Followers in a Year

Over the past 12 months, I’ve grown my Twitter following from 5,000 to 125,000 followers. It’s totally transformed my life. It has allowed me to quit my job and start a business that fully supports me.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, a Twitter audience can change absolutely everything for you.

I truly credit this hyperbolic growth to my daily social media routines over the past year.

The core activities I did every day to ensure my audience keeps growing:

15 minutes replying

15 minutes studying my inspiration list

15 minutes composing tweets

15 minutes DMing

Let’s break down how I spend each 15-minute block:

15 minutes replying

I make sure to spend 15 minutes every day replying to other tweets + replies to my own tweets.

I’ve long said replying is one of the most powerful strategies for Twitter growth and I stand by it. It’s a strategy I’ve deployed since I had 0 followers in December 2021.

For this strategy I deploy 3 Twitter lists:

  1. People who interact with my tweets often

  2. Top Web 3 content creators

  3. Creators from other niches I want to grow into

These Twitter lists ensure I maintain the relationships I’ve been building, give me more visibility in my niche, and start giving me visibility into niches I want to grow into.

If you haven’t started taking advantage of Twitter Lists yet, you need to. They are an incredible tool for engaging with others quickly.

I also use Tweet Hunter which has an incredible engagement tool that let’s you fire off replies 5x faster. If you’re deploying a reply strategy you have to try it. You can check that out here.

15 minutes studying my inspiration list

I’m always looking to evolve my content. So every day I study my Twitter List I use for inspiration. It’s all the accounts I want to model my own account after.

These are typically accounts from different niches than my own who talk about different subjects. I enjoy the way they write and try to incorporate elements of their writing into my own.

Accounts like Justin Welsh and Dan Koe make my list of accounts from other niches that discuss other topics.

Every day I’ll go down this list and just read all the tweets from these creators. I’ll copy any tweets I find interesting into a swipe file of tweets and take note of any interesting topics and writing styles they use.

I take all of this information and use it in my next 15 minute block.

15 minutes composing tweets

Writing is a muscle. The more you use this muscle, the stronger it becomes. I try to use this muscle every single day.

With that being said, I try to write tweets for 15 minutes a day. I’ll take all my inspiration from my last step and incorporate it into my own content.

I also go down my Google Sheet I created of all my past content and study that too.

For those newer to the newsletter, I keep a spreadsheet of all my past tweets. I copy and paste them all into the spreadsheet as well as all their stats.

This allows me to review what does and doesn’t work and incorporate that into my new content.

When I’m composing tweets, I put them into a board on Notion. Each new tweet idea goes into a new card on the board. This allows me to go back and edit ideas I come up with.

It also allows me to move the cards along the board from “not started” to “in progress” to “posted”.

The more you exercise this muscle, the better you’ll get.

15 minutes DMing

Lastly, I make sure to build a strong DM routine.

I use DMs to network with my readers. If there’s someone who is responding to my tweets quite often with helpful insights, I’ll DM them and let them know I appreciate them.

This is a strategy you should 100% employ. It’ll allow you to build even stronger, more personal connections with your network.

I’ve networked with people in my DMs who I now work with in various regards.

One of my closest friends who I’m working with to launch my new website/products/services in the next couple months (way more on this soon) is someone I reached out to in the DMs randomly.

Don’t neglect networking through DMs. One DM could change the trajectory of your life. Doesn't matter if you have 0 followers or a million. Send DMs every day.

This was my entire routine for maintaining and growing my Twitter presence. When it comes to growing your online presence, consistency is everything.

What is your routine? Feel free to comment below or reply to this email!

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AI Prompts I Used For This Newsletter

This prompt will take a newsletter or essay and create you a table. In this table will be the top 10 most novel ideas, as well as recommend tweets for those ideas. I love these prompts because I can take these novel ideas and think of new ways to re-work them into other pieces of content

Begin Prompt

I'm going to paste in a newsletter below. From that newsletter create a table. In the left hand column of the table make a list of the top 10 most novel ideas from the newsletter. I define novel as ideas that are interesting, make the user think, unexpected, and intelligent. In the right hand column give me a recommended tweet I can post about that idea.



End Prompt

My output:

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I hope this guide and prompt were helpful for you! If you use the prompt feel free to email or DM me, would love to hear your experience with it.

Take care and have an excellent weekend!

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