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Two Projects Redefining NFT Utility

In 2022 utility defines an NFT project. In the past, project creators were able to get away with a cartoon animal PFP's that delivered 0 value to holders. Standards have changed and investors expect continuous execution and value. In this research article I cover two projects I think redefines value. Value through physical and experiential utility. I go over how Relics Pass and VeeFriends are building the roadmap that every other NFT project needs to follow.

In this article I do a dive into the unique value these projects are delivering that I believe will build stronger bonds between the NFT, the project, and the holder. From real life experiences like Veecon to physical items that Relics will print and ship to you for free. I believe this type of utility will soon be expected from all upcoming NFT projects, especially the ones that cost holders thousands.

Relics Pass and Gary Vee are Redefining What “Utility” Means in the NFT Space – NFT GOD.nftgod.gives 2021 was the year of the PFP. 2022 is the year of utility. In order to have a successful project in 2022 your NFT needs to come jam packed with utility. I believe at this current moment the two projects executing on this new vision of utility the most are Vee Friends and Relics Pass...

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