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The Ultimate Guide to 10,000 Twitter Followers

Building an audience on social media is simply the most powerful weapon you can have in the 21st Century. It unlocks a level of leverage that was never achievable before the internet. You can impact millions of people with a few strokes of the keyboard. It unlocks influence, business opportunities, and career advancement.

The most powerful part of all of this? Anyone can achieve it with just a computer and an internet connection. Over the past year, I've grown a Twitter following from 0 to 75,000. The most challenging part of that 75k journey? The first 10k. Here is my complete step-by-step guide on how to get that first 10k the exact way I did it. Even if your following is already over 10k, this guide should be of value to you. It may unlock new growth strategies for your brand.

What You Can do with 10,000 Followers

10,000 marks the point where you truly start having influence on social media. It unlocks the ability to start leveraging your platform for many things. You can start selling products, scale to multiple platforms, sell courses, start an NFT project, and spread ideas. Not to mention a million other business opportunities that open up. Having an audience is leverage. Leverage to accomplish any ambitious plans you have on the internet.

Step 1: Define Your Brand

Defining your brand is a critical step many people overlook. People are only going to follow you because they connect with your brand. That's it—end of story. You need to make sure you craft a compelling brand before you start collecting followers. The advice I give to most people is to write down a list of your biggest passions. After examining the list, whittle it down to 3. The intersection of these three will be the core to your brand. My brand identity is defined by self-improvement, technology, and investing. Yesterday I sent the 1% Club a complete breakdown of defining your brand here. Feel free to sign up for the 1% Club if you'd like to unlock this content. Otherwise, defining your 3 key pillars is the hyper-critical first component of creating your brand identity.

Brand Visuals and Bio

Next, you want to define the visuals of your brand. For Twitter, this is your profile picture, header image, and bio. I'd go for a clear, professional headshot if you are going with a real-life picture for your PFP. If you go the route I did, which is an NFT or a creative image representing your online self, you want to choose one with eye-catching colors. One that gets Twitter users to stop scrolling. One that is identifiable. It needs to pop off the screen.

Your bio is essential too. Your bio will be one of the first things people look at when they click on your profile, and it needs to define who you are clearly, and the value people will get from following you. Here's what my bio is:

Daily tips on personal growth, technology, and investing | 13,000+ improving themselves weekly through my free newsletter | 1% better every day.

When people see my content, they'll click on my profile and immediately know what I'm about based on my bio. This is your sales pitch to the world on why they should follow you.

Content Strategy

When you are a smaller account, your tweets barely matter. The impressions you'll get when you are under 10,000 followers are minuscule. You can write the most extraordinary tweet of all time, and odds are you're not going to get many likes or impressions. There's only one easy way to get massive impressions when you have under 10,000 followers: replies. Replies to big accounts get you the same amount of impressions as the original tweet by that big account. You've attached your content to their content.

You need to be spending a majority of the time you're on Twitter replying to these big accounts. Here's what I do: first, I create a list.

Add all the accounts with large followings that fall into your niche to this list. Turn on notifications for these big accounts, then pay close attention to this list. The moment you get a notification that a big account you follow tweeted, jump onto their tweet and reply.

Don't just put mindless drivel into this reply either. Put thought and effort into it. Add true value. The more value you add, the more eyes will see your tweet. When your tweet catches readers' eyes, they will click on your profile. They're going to check out your branding and make a split-second determination if they want to follow you. They'll look at your PFP, banner, bio, and your last few tweets.

So let's talk about those tweets. I mentioned replies are more critical than tweets, and that's true. But it would be best if you had high-quality tweets so that people who click on your profile see what your content is all about. So here's your strategy: create two high-quality tweets a day. The biggest mistake people make when building their following is thinking they need to tweet 100 times a day. You don't. Spend 10 minutes a day crafting the highest quality tweets possible. This is important because when people click on your replies and see what you're about, they're not going to follow you if your content is boring, plain engagement farming. Go for quality over quantity, especially when you're small. These two daily tweets are your resume for when people see your replies.

Form a Pod

Forming a pod when you're small will only boost your growth even more. I define a pod as a group of 5-10 accounts around your size and in your niche that you interact with every single day. You like all of their tweets, reply constantly, and even DM every so often. By giving them value, they'll start returning the value by engaging with everything you create. By forming a powerful pod, you all supercharge each other's growth. You don't even need to ask them to start a pod; start engaging.

What a Twitter Growth Routine Looks Like

So now you got all the steps for getting from 0-10,000 followers. The easiest way to execute on these steps is to form a routine around them. When I was growing to 10,000 followers, I blocked off half an hour every night, spent 10 minutes writing my tweets for the next day and spent 20 minutes replying to others. I did this every single night for months. What resulted was steady and reliable growth. Eventually, when I got to around 10,000 followers, I hit the tipping point and gained another 5,000 followers overnight with a viral thread. Form a routine around these steps; it'll make the process much more reliable and enjoyable.

There are a couple of other keys: always reply to people who respond to you. Start conversations. By starting these conversations early on, you'll naturally form a community around you. This community will be critical to your growth. They'll begin to reply to your content because they know they'll have an interesting dialogue with you. Community building is a vital component of this plan.


Using the right tools will make all of this much more manageable and efficient. For tweet scheduling, I LOVE Hypefury. It's an easy-to-use scheduling tool; you can pump out content ideas and schedule them for weeks and months. It also has handy tools for choosing the perfect times to tweet. Notion is my favorite tool for capturing ideas. It's a highly customizable, free productivity tool I use to input content ideas I come up with throughout the day.

Canva is a fantastic graphic design tool. Even if you have no experience with graphic design you can create some awesome graphics in minutes. I used this to create a lot of the visuals you see on my account today. You should definitely use this for your header image. Lastly, I use Google Sheets to store all of my old tweets. I manually input them at the end of every day into a spreadsheet so I can go back and review them all.

In 2023, there is simply no more powerful tool than having an audience online. The opportunity it provides you to pursue the network and business you want is unmatched. I laid out a few elementary steps in this guide to get you through the most challenging part of your growth journey. Now all that's left is execution. Block out time every night, stay consistent, and move with authenticity. If you do those 3 things, you cannot lose.

Any tips you'd like to add? Feel free to comment down below.

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