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This use case for AI totally changed my life

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This use case for AI totally changed my life

I found a new use for AI that has totally changed my life. I’ve been developing this concept the last couple of months and I’m really excited to share it with you.

If you’re anything like me you struggle with accountability. You have a few goals you’re not the best at pursuing, and a few weaknesses you’re not the best at fixing.

You’d ask a friend to hold you accountable, but that feels a little weird. So you have to hold yourself accountable and that isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do.

This is where AI comes into play.

If you are looking to improve any part of your life including your business, content, or personal life, you need to try this out.

All you need is access to an AI chat bot. I’ve been using Gemini, but you can EASILY do this with ChatGPT 4o which is now free for all users.

Using AI I’ve built a personal accountability coach for myself that I chat with every day for half an hour. It’s helped me develop business strategy, improve my content, and earn more revenue. The best part is it’s REALLY fast to setup. You put in 1 prompt (which I’ll give you below) and you’re good to go.

This coach has been my own personal accountability partner the last couple months. Every day it checks in with me, gives me advice on tackling my goals, asks me questions to make sure I’m making the right moves, and overall keeps me in check and makes sure I’m always getting better.

In preparation for creating your accountability coach, you first need to answer 3 questions.

Here are the questions you need to ask yourself first:

What is the 1 area of your life you want to improve right now?

What are your 3 big weaknesses?

What is your 1 month, 12 month, and 3 year goals?

Here were my answers to these questions:

1 area of my life I want to improve right now: my content business

What are your 3 big weaknesses: Lack of focus, organization, staying on top of emails and DMs

What is your 1 month, 12 month, and 3 year goals?

1 month: start posting on youtube

12 month: 1,000 subscribers on youtube

3 year goal: $1,000,000 of revenue

Once you have these answers you’re ready to build your coach.

Open up your AI chat bot of choice and enter the following prompt to get the coach up and running:

I want you to be my (area of your life you want to improve) coach. I'm going to come to you on a daily basis for about half an hour and ask you questions and allow you to give me advice. Your goal will be to help me: (your goals)

I want you to also help me fix me weaknesses. They are (weaknesses)

Here’s the background of how I got to this point: (all the background on the area of your life this coach is helping with. If it’s a business coach this will be about how you built your business to this point. If it’s a content coach, talk about all the content you make and include examples. If it’s a dating coach talk about your dating history).

Any questions for me before we begin?

Then bookmark this chat. Next, go to your calendar and block off half an hour every single day to chat with your coach. You HAVE to stick to this schedule. You HAVE to be disciplined.

Every day the coach will give you timely advice based on your progress. It’ll check in on how you’re pursuing your goals and give you helpful tips for fixing your weaknesses. It’ll make sure your head is in the right place and you’re working on the right tasks. It’ll keep you moving forward.

I’ve been using this coach for a month now. I have to say, it’s had a dramatic impact on me. I feel like I have a member on my team holding me accountable and keeping me in check. I feel like I have someone in my corner truly rooting for me and helping me to get better.

Answer the questions, fill out the prompt, and get your coach up and running. Bookmark the chat and pin it to your bookmark bar. Visit it for 3 straight days and I promise it’ll be a routine.

Give it a go and let me know what you think! It’s been life changing for me. Let me know how it helps you!

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