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The Only Way to Become Truly Unique Online

Plus: Twitter Growth Masterclass Closes TOMORROW

💡Twitter Growth Masterclass Closes TOMORROW at Noon

Tomorrow at noon EST I’m closing all sales of the Twitter Growth Masterclass.

Once it’s closed, it’ll be closed for a while. I’ll be taking that time to go back and add even more content for everyone who signed up.

So far the reviews have been epic. Every review has been a perfect 5 out of 5. Check out some people’s thoughts:

Is this you?

  • Been writing consistent tweets with little to no engagement

  • Look at other viral pieces of content and think “mine is way better”

  • You struggle to come up with consistent content ideas

  • You are struggling to create a niche or find your voice

  • You have absolutely no idea how to monetize your content

Over the past 19 months I’ve grown NFT God from 0 to 150,000 followers, 27,000 newsletter subscribers, and turned it into a 6 figure business

This Twitter Growth Masterclass will help you do the same

  • Find your voice

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The Only Way to Become Truly Unique Online

It’s never been easier to create content.

It’s never been harder to stand out.

The single biggest issue with online content creation right now is everyone sounds the same.

Everyone is a “personal brand” influencer.

Everyone is telling you you need to start a newsletter.

Everyone is telling you how to make a million dollars online despite not making $10 themselves.

Everyone has a Linkedin profile picture and a matching banner that has some catch phrase on it.

None of these things get you followers. None of them get you attention.

There’s only one way to get attention online in 2023: being unique.

And the single easiest way to be unique is skill stacking.

Let me give you an example.

Over the last month I’ve had by far the best growth of my life.

This is all because of skill stacking.

There are millions of people who know how to code.

There are millions of people that can write well.

There are millions of people who understand how to grow on X.

There are not many people who can stack those skills together.

I gained 20,000+ followers the last month because I read the X algorithm code and wrote easy to understand posts about how to use the algo to your advantage.

I took really technical concepts, and made them easy to understand.

All of those skills separately are common. All of those skills together are hyper rare.

THIS is how you truly stand out online.

You take your skills that you are decent to good at then stack them together. Now all of a sudden you have a skillset that’s incredibly unique to you that nobody can copy.

If you are a “personal branding” account, you are not unique.

If you are a “growth” account, you are not unique.

If you are a “copywriting” account, you are not unique.

Your odds of winning are low.

Combine those skills and stack them with other unique talents you have, now you’re onto something.

Do this exercise in the next 3 days:

  1. Open up a notepad on your computer. I use Notion.

  2. Set a timer for 30 minutes. Go on do not disturb mode. Exit out of all other windows.

  3. For 30 minutes brain dump every interest or skill set you have. Every single one.

  4. At the end of the 30 minutes go back and find 3-5 skills you can stack together.

  5. Start brainstorming content on that skill stack.

The field has never been more crowded. The competition has never been tougher.

The moment someone finds a concept that works, a million people copy it.

Become uncopyable. Create your skill stack. This is how you win.

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It’s the largest and best community for builders looking to gain financial freedom through the internet. I’m in the community every day helping you gain more followers, find your voice, and build your business.

Also as a reminder: 24 hours left on the Twitter Growth Masterclass before sales shut down for a while. I cover today’s topic and more. Grab your access here.

Have a great weekend!


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