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X has Arrived. Here's EVERYTHING That is About to Change

1% Better 7/27/23

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Today at a Glance:

  • I go over every change coming to X and what you need to do to get ahead

  • What X looks like in 10 years

  • In partnership with: Incogni

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X has Arrived. Here's EVERYTHING That is About to Change

Twitter is dead. X has arrived.

This week Elon unceremoniously ended the legendary platform Twitter. With nothing but a whisper over night, the blue bird we all know and love completely disappeared.

In it's place is X. The everything app.

Over the last 8 months that Elon has been in power, I’ve been tracking all the leaks and developments to come out.

Here is every change I believe to be coming, and what you need to do to get ahead:

Creator Economy

The biggest short term goal Elon has is to build the creator economy. What is the creator economy? It’s the ability to easily and seamlessly be compensated for your content based on how much your audience values it. It’s also the ability to compensate others quickly for the content you enjoy.

Let me paint you a picture. Everyone holds X coin. It’s a cryptocurrency that is stored on your X app. You put out a thread that provides value to thousands. Now instead of just giving you a like, your audience can click a button and it sends you 1 X coin.


At that time, maybe X coin is only worth 20 cents. But with thousands of people tipping you a coin for your helpful content, you’re now making enough monthly to support yourself.

THIS is the creator economy. Put out content, get rewarded based on how much value you provide.

The reason why ad share revenue isn’t the creator economy is that you are only rewarded based on how many eyes you get. If you are the biggest voice in a very small niche, you’ll never get rewarded.

But with the creator economy, you can have an audience of 100, and if you provide enough value you can still make a living.

Now let me paint you another picture.

X is rewarding creators millions for their content.

People go where the money is.

Now that X is a gold mine, all the biggest creators move to X.

Mr. Beast starts posting all his content there.


With all these quality creators coming over, more attention and eyes follow. In turn, more money and liquidity follows, strengthening the economy even further.

This is an economy that was never possible before. With X looking to become a financial system, It is now.

Your takeaway? Build an audience. Build a network. Create content that actually provides value. When the creator economy begins, value will be rewarded.


Elon is pushing long form content big time. He’s actively phasing out threads (you can’t even say the word now) and improving long form tweets. He’s also working on a new feature called “Articles”.

Articles is the ability to publish written content with unlimited character limits. Elon has said you can publish literal books if you’d like.

Why would he do this? To promote citizen journalism. Why would a journalist work for the New York Times where they might only get paid $50 an article, when they can publish on Twitter and potentially make thousands if the article provides value?

See how this works? Reward creators properly, and you start attracting the best creators in the world.

Why would someone publish a book on Amazon, when they can instead publish it on X, get it pushed in front of millions of people, and be rewarded directly based on how helpful the book is.

Long form content is here to stay on X, and the algorithm will only be pushing it more. If you haven’t been working on your writing skills lately, I’d highly recommend you pick up “The Elements of Style” (or check out my Twitter Growth Master Class that has an entire section on writing).

Live Content

Speaking of citizen journalism, X Spaces has totally revolutionized journalism as a whole. Now anyone with access to a phone can start up a Space and report on whatever is going on around them.

Now imagine this: with the creator economy getting built, you can now host a Space and get rewarded directly by your listeners.


Report on something interesting? Get paid in X coin by members of your audience. Have really interesting conversation with a guest? Get paid in X coin by members of your audience.

On top of that Elon has hinted multiple times live streaming (perhaps the return of Periscope) is coming to X. Now you can live stream video, play your favorite games, or just talk to your audience directly and get rewarded for it on what might become the world’s largest financial system.

The possibilities really start to open up here too.

An up and coming stand up comedian might choose to now live stream on X rather than go to a comedy club. Why go to a comedy club with 60 people when you can live stream on X in front of thousands and get paid if you’re funny?

Hub For Innovation

With a large user base, and billions of dollars flowing through it, X becomes a hub of innovation. X starts hosting games (competing directly with Steam), hosting music (competing directly with Spotify), and art/NFTs (competing directly with Opensea).

If I’m creating a game or producing music, why wouldn’t I want my creation on a platform where billions of people are storing money and transacting every day?

X truly starts to become the everything app.

What This Means For You

You assignment is simple. Get out of your comfort zone and start creating. If you’ve never hosted a Space before, start hosting one. If you’ve never created a video before, turn on your cell camera and start filming.

The creator economy is coming. It’s going to reward creators handsomely, especially those early to it. Imagine being early to Youtube. Some of those early Youtube influencers made really shitty content, and were paid millions for it.

Now is the time to get out of your comfort zone. Now is the time to try something new.

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Have a great weekend!


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