I just started one as part of my 2023 goals.

It aims to cover innovation, any tech-related things, building in the bear market and daily routines from a students perspective.

Check it out https://phryics.substack.com

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Amazing as always! And a great motivation for me to start my newsletter!

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Great tips - check out my newsletter here!


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How timely of a newsletter. Just created my first one yesterday! I'll link it below.

If you're new to the content creation game, lack direction, and don't know what to even write about, I wrote a newsletter describing a brand framework that you can apply so that you create content that better resonates with your audience:


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You're doing a great job of balancing valuable content with a monetization strategy. And you're in a niche that is new and growing rapidly. Seems like a recipe for success.

Substack is easy to use and free. The platform sends out your newsletter for free. You own your email list. (Huge) Substack also holds a weekly, one hour, Writers Corner that you can register for. If you are new and building your community, I highly recommend that you attend. If you have questions about that, please let me know.

Like Alex, after a year of publishing, I'm getting ready to rename my publication now that I've narrowed down the focus. I help people build a Kindness Identity to improve every aspect of their lives, all backed by scientific research. https://kindnessmagnet.substack.com

Good luck to all of you content creators!

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Great content!

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Great newsletter as always. For a lighter take on things, philosophy, and good news, check out my newsletter


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Amazing content as usual.

Will definitely be using the tip that shows how to layout your newsletter before starting to write.

My newsletter focuses on:

- Web3

- Personal growth

- Side hustle tips

It also includes:

- Video content

- Articles of the week

- Interesting quotes and facts

Grow to success newsletter link:


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thank you

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Thanks man

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Thanks for the newsletter

Insightful as always

Starting mine up still trying to set everything up.

Have a lovely week ahead

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Really insightful. More grease to your elbows.

I'm definitely going to start building one myself.

Quick question,

I've got interest in helping people get better everyday too,

write on web3 development and cyber security. Do you think that's too much for a niche?

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keep it coming legend

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I just upgraded my subscription. Looking forward to building a great brand and supporting you in building yours :-)

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Thank you for your help!

My passions are health, plant based nutrition & fitness for a few years now. And I like to share my knowledge to help other people or teach them something new.

Because of you I finally started my newsletter!

If you are interested in these topics too, subscribe now for free!


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Alex, big fan of your style and attitude! The only issue I have with your points here is that I have absolute “Newsletter Overload” (being overkilled..). 25,000+ unopened emails, most of them newsletters. It causes stress and fear of having lost out. I dislike emails, hope that AI (Stability AI or Galileo AI) will help personalize my feed while still keeping a random factor in there. Cheers!

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