Great advice for the <1000 accounts. It makes a lot of sense to narrow the focus on adding real value to people (I.e. not just ‘gm’ing 50 accounts a day)

I’ve personally found the Twitter lists advice absolutely invaluable, my timeline is way cleaner with actual useful guidance AND alpha since I implemented then and was strict about how I commented on posts.

Continuing this until 1000 and then will be back here to refresh myself on moving to the next level up to 5000!

Love the posts and everything you’re doing with 1%club 🤝

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This is the first newsletter I read and just like your tweets, the value you generate is an example for me.

I read your tweets a lot because I really think that reading them has helped me grow, and because I definitely liked your content a lot.

Thank you, really, keep it up, I know you will reach even higher than you already are, I will always support you!

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Since Iv subscribed. Every newsletter you’ve created has offered so much value.

I think one of the main reasons I won the competition was because of the value I gained from you and the community you have created.

Thank you again for the opportunity to participate in this competition. Working to improve along side so many great content creators is a real privilege.

And thank you NFT God for making this all happen. You really are building a strong positive community which is a true reflection of your inspiring work💯💯❤️❤️

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Always on point with the advice, my man. Keep killing it, Alex!

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I’m sitting in the 1-5k camp myself, so it’s cool to see other content creators talk about their own progress and growth. Thanks for the tips!

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Great post, I'm currently at ~2k headed toward 10k. Btw I joined the 1% club but never got an invite to the Discord server, can anyone help me? Thanks.

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Spaces has been a game changer for me - thanks to your advice. Thanks for that.

If you're caught in your own head, find a small Spaces and start chatting. It will get the engines going...

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Amazing post. I’d love to know what you did BESIDES posting and replying to grow your audience. Thanks 🙏🏻

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