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3 Businesses You Can Start Today with $0

1% Better 3/30/23

Happy Thursday everyone! I get asked a lot if it’s wrong to reuse your own content multiple times. Easy answer: it absolutely isn’t.

I’d highly encourage everyone recycle their own content in many different ways. Take a tweet and turn it into a thread. Take a thread and turn it into a newsletter. Take a newsletter and turn it into 20 tweets you schedule for the next 2 weeks while you’re on a beach in Bermuda sipping a Mai Tai.

My favorite way to reuse content is to go back and grab my old successful tweets. I then remix them and apply writing lessons I learned since the last time I posted. This is especially helpful if you’re feeling tired and need a break from writing.

You wrote the content, you should feel no shame reusing it.

Anyway, onto the alpha…


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3 Businesses You Can Start Today with $0

We have a gambling problem in Web 3. This space is the single greatest opportunity to go from 0 to entrepreneur over night, yet so many people are using this technology just to gamble on cartoon zoo animal pictures.

Over the course of 15 months I went from only generating revenue from a 9-5, to owning a Web 3 business that can sustain my life. I did it almost completely by myself too.

Get out of this mindset that to make it in this space you have to gamble.

Web 3 is an entrepreneurial gold mine if you play it the right way. With giants like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft entering the space this year, the potential to turn your passions into your full time gig is seriously once in a lifetime.

In this newsletter I'm going to go over 3 businesses you can set up TODAY with $0 of start up capital necessary. If you have the internet and a device to connect to it you're all set. These are all business models I've set up myself and am generating revenue from every single day.

Let's get into it:

Consulting Business

Every day 100 new projects pop up, and 99 of them don't know what they're doing. You've got knowledge of the space. You spend hours doing research. Now it's time to monetize it.

This doesn't just go for Web 3 either, almost every industry is looking for consultants to provide second opinions.

Here's my quick and easy process I used to launch my consulting business:

1. Gain deep understanding of a chosen subject

2. Analyze what works and what doesn't

3. Offer potential clients unsolicited free advice (e.g., suggestions for their website or content)

4. If they like it, schedule a call

5. Offer free services (1-hour consulting calls)

6. LISTEN to their problems and take notes

7. Provide solutions and advice

8. Gather testimonials after successful engagements

9. Use testimonials to attract more clients

10. Start charging

11. Increase your fees with each new client

12. Repeat

Growth hack: document challenges, create templated solutions, and sell them as products or lead magnets.

Newsletter Mogul

Anyone who enjoys writing should start a newsletter. Worst case scenario it's a creative outlet to support your brand. Best case it becomes a massive business supporting your life. Newsletters offer limitless earning potential through ads and premium subscriptions.

1. Start a newsletter

2. Write daily or weekly newsletters (doesn't matter if you have 0 subscribers. Get the practice in)

3. Write tweets and link to your newsletter (drives so many subs)

4. Keep writing and finding your voice

5. At 5,000 subscribers, start reaching out to projects asking if they want to advertise (I began at 7,000. Also bonus hack: if you have a lot of Twitter followers projects will reach out to YOU)

6. Start by charging a little per ad (I started with $200 per ad)

7. If you have a lot of demand, raise the price. If you don't have any demand, lower the price.

8. Hire someone to DM projects for you. Offer them 10% of all deals they sell.

9. When you get a strong enough subscriber list (I started at 18,000) start a premium tier

10. Communities are the future of newsletters. My premium tier is access to my private community of builders. Start a Discord and build a community around this tier.

11. Scale everything up

This process was enough for me to turn my newsletter into a business that sustains my life. It also feeds into everything else I'm doing because it's an incredible distribution channel.

Start building your newsletter. It's an asymmetrical bet on yourself.

The Community Builder

Web 3 has revolutionized community marketing, and every project is on the lookout for skilled community managers and builders. As more Web 2 businesses enter the fray, the demand will only skyrocket.

I've been building my community over the last 3 months and have learned an outrageous amount. Here's the process I'd go through to become a community manager:

  1. Join as many communities as you can (buy their NFT project or just join the non-token gated discords)

  2. Observe their structure and operation

  3. Take note of Discord setups, community activations, events, culture, and member engagement across platforms

  4. How do the leaders make members more active?

  5. Read good content on community building (I like LagunaCarta’s feed)

  6. Write down all of this. Develop your process.

  7. Offer projects free advice on community building.

  8. If they bite, offer them your services

  9. Start with low fees, gather testimonials, and gradually increase your rates

Community building is a trend that will undoubtedly spread to Web 2. The demand for experts in community growth will skyrocket in the coming years. Acquire these valuable skills now, document your process, and profit.

All three businesses can be built alongside a full-time job. It's what I've been doing for the past 16 months. I've dedicated days to my full time gig and nights to my side hustle.

It started with just the newsletter, then moved into consulting and community building.

I promise with enough sacrifice you can build these businesses too. The best part is they cost NOTHING to build, just your time.

Have any other gigs you're working on that you would recommend to the community? Let me know in the comments below.

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Replies of the Week: Best Podcasts

Thank you so much to everyone who’s replied to my tweets or emailed me this week! Look forward to hearing from more of you soon! Take care and have an excellent weekend!

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